But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Monday, April 23, 2012


YAWN!!!  I got up at 3 AM to hit the road by 4 AM to meet up with one of my cancer buddies by 5 AM so we could go meet up with the Merry Crazies by 6 AM....and then we all headed for the Military Park in downtown Indianapolis!  Now, anyone who knows me, knows I am so NOT a morning person, so 3 AM was quite a feat!

The Merry Crazies Group!  Love these girls!!!  They are the support group I go to in Greenwood and we all met up for the race and walked the Survivor Walk together!  It was a cold, cold morning so we are all dressed in layers!

I don't care where anyone stands on the Komen controversy...this is always a good day for me!  You cannot imagine the feeling of walking through a crowd lined up on both sides of you cheering you on for surviving breast cancer.  Total strangers giving you thumbs up and high fives and whoops and hollers and big smiles!  It's such an awesome thing!!!!  And what a surprise to hear someone holler out "Cindy" and turn to see one of my stamping buddies from Seymour there!  I didn't even realize she was coming!

Race for the Cure 2012

I think it's awesome to see sooooo many SURVIVORS!  On the other hand, I find it sad to see so many being diagnosed with breast cancer!  It just seems like it's an epidemic anymore and we need to find a cure to stop it in the first place!   Yes, I'm in this picture SOMEWHERE...lol....  If you find me, I'll have a gift for you!   :=)  I'm way, way, way back there!

Race for the Cure 2012

This was the first thing I saw when we arrived bright and early at the Komen Race.  What a precious sight....flowers made my children!

All Survivors received this medal.  This was my second Komen Race for the Cure....having attended my first one last Fall in Evansville.  These medals are important to me to get each year....they are a symbol of my survival!

My cancer sister, Amy, and her daughters and a "boyfriend"!

Me and Betsy (our fearless leader) and Amy and her daughter.

And then it was time to try to connect with my family who wouldn't roll out of bed for me at 3 am (lol...big weenies)....so they drove up later and I had to find them!  What did we do before cell phones?

Me and my husband (Larry2Scary lol) and my daughters and grandchildren!  I love my little family and them coming up to join me means more than they can even imagine!   We walked the Family Fun Walk (1 mile) together and I think we almost came in last.  lol!  We had to take some breaks for Larry.  He is handicapped but he made it the whole way!!!  Yay Larry!  Erin and Jennifer took good care of him on the walk....they are "daddy's girls"!  :=)

Abby and Luke had no complaints about the weather or the walking...lol!  They remained toasty warm with their mommy pulling them the whole way.  The only time they had to get out was for a potty break and the family picture.  Lucky kids!  Love their faces poking out and looking at Mamaw!  And love that they are wrapped up in the blankets I made them for Christmas...I KNOW how warm those things are!

Erin and Jenna walking their mile.  Yes, she had shorts on!  Teenagers!!!!

Jennifer and Larry and Abby and Luke walking their mile!

And, oh my....who is that?  Could it be???  Yes, it was!!!!!
A Ghostbuster!!!!!!  A real live GHOSTBUSTER!  LOL!

Well, what do you do when you see a real live ghostbuster....two of them even?  You get your picture with them...what else?

Yep, same thing when you see a Colts....uh....mmmm....mascot???  Look at my gloves?  Aren't they way cool?  I love them!  Each finger has a pom pom on it...lol!

You see all kinds of outfits at the race and even pets get in on it!  Isn't she adorable?  I love all of the support, even from our four legged friends!
I took a break for a photo shoot during the mile walk....lol!  Here you can get a better look at my pom-pom gloves.  :=)  Yes, I'm a big kid at heart!

Soooo many people behind us....

Soooo many people in front of us!!!!

My Thirty-One buddy, Amy Baker, was there, even though I never bumped in to her.  But it was good to know she was there!  :=)

It was a great day, in spite of the cold temperatures!  My first Komen Race was cold and rainy, so at least this time it was at least dry!  Someday I'm going to go to a Komen Race that is warm and dry....someday....lol!

After leaving the festivities, we headed off to Kabutos to have lunch!  Yum!!!!
Me and Larry.......

Abby using chopsticks!  She was pretty good at it.

Erin, Luke, and Jennifer and Abby

Until next time.....thank to everyone out there who has offered me support in any way....even from a distance!  It means more than you can ever realize!  Enjoy life with your loved ones...it's too short to waste! 

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