But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Just a quickie, short update so you don't worry about me and my absense from blogging!  I'm doing ok.....just still very, very weak.  I had my LAST (YAY!!!) chemo a week ago and am happy to say I haven't been sick like the last time.  But the weakness is still hanging on.  I know it will pass (hoping by the weekend, but that's coming up awfully fast!).  I'm trying not to rush myself this time, because it only gets me "down" if I set a certain date for my turnaround.   I haven't left the house, except to go to my surgeon's office on Monday.  Believe me, as soon as I get some strength I'll be getting out of this house!  Meanwhile I just lie around.  I know, though, that once I start getting my strength back (soon!) it is uphill from there because I won't get hit with chemo again!  Yay~!!!!
So, I will update you soon on the latest.....when the weakness starts to go away.  Meanwhile, just wanted you all to know I'm OK!!!!  :=)

Until next tine.....continued prayers are appreciated!  Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!  :=)  I'm hoping to feel up to going out to watch some fireworks!

Monday, June 20, 2011

WOWSER.....SIZE 14/16!!!!!!

I needed some new clothes and Sheila and I stopped by one of our favorite stores to look around....Fashion Bug.  I love Fashion Bug because we have a local one and they carry plus size clothes!  I found me a pair of navy blue capris but "my size" swallowed me!  The saleslady told me to try the next size down....14/16.  I said "no way!', but went ahead and tried it on! 

Wowser.....they fit! With plenty of room!  I know I've lost weight, but do you know how long it's been since I could fit into a 14/16?  Well, let's just say it's been "many years"!  Now if you're one of those teeny tiny women, this excitement might be lost on you!  LOL!  But any "plus sized" woman will understand how good this made me feel!  :=)  I was so excited that I decided I needed two pairs of them since they were on sale....navy and white!
It's not been a fun way to lose weight, but I'll take it! 

Sheila and I went to Ryan's to eat before we went to Fashion Bug.  Yep, I've been doing a lot of eating out lately.  It just feels good to get out of the house for that one week I feel like it.  And yes, as you've guess by now, Sheila and are "good buds"!  :=)  See my hat!  It says "Fight like a girl"!  My shirt says the same (Sheila got them for me).  LOL....yes, I'm a walking billboard (as my daughters put it!).

When Sheila comes to pick me up to go somewhere, I always look "different" when I come out and so it's become kind of a "game" to challenge myself for a "different look" for her.  Well, one day I had a blue outfit on (yes, I strayed from my pink!!!) and I didn't have a blue hat or scarf......what to do, what to do!!!!  So I grabbed my "bling headband" and put it on my bald head and walked out to join her!  LOL.....she laughed and said "This "look" beats them all!"  Of course we had to get pics!  hehe! 

LOL.....it was just a joke for her.  Yeah, I'm a little crazy sometimes, but it gets me through it all!  If I can laugh things don't seem so bad. 

See the bling!  LOL.....Sheila loved it!   I took a pink hat along to put on my head out in public!  LOL...I try not to embarrass Sheila when we go out!  :=) 

I will be going for my 4th and final Chemo this week....in two more days!  I go Wednesday and my daughter, Jennifer, will be going with me!  I had a hard time boucing back from my 3rd one and I'm still pretty weak and tire easily.  So, while I hate to get hit again when I'm just now building my strength back up....I'm ready to get my LAST CHEMO done!!!!  I won't lie....it hasn't been easy!  But it will soon be over and then I can prepare for surgery.  I will go to my surgeon next Monday (the 27th) for an ultrasound to see how much the chemo has shrunk the tumor and to discuss my surgery.  My oncologist was very adamant that I'd only be having 4 chemos, so if that would change for some reason.....I'd cry....then I'd suck it up and do it!  I'm so hoping the ultrasound shows a significant decrease in the size of the tumor!  

Watermelon has become my friend!  About a week ago I was losing my battle for fluids, even waking up dizzy.  I think I was becoming dehydrated and the nurse gave me some ideas for foods that I could get my fluids from.  Potatoes and Soups were two she mentioned, so I've been eating baked potatoes and chicken noodle soup.  Then someone suggested watermelon and I've been eating it every day, several times a day and it's really built my fluids back up!  Do you realize that watermelon is 92% water???  I love watermelon, so it's been an easy, tasty way to get my fluids!  I must admit though, that I'm ready for our delicious Jackson County watermelons.....they can't be beat!  Not only are watermelons a good source of water, but they are fat free and nutritious!   It also has an antioxidant for disease fighting in it!  Isn't that awesome!  This disease just keeps teaching me more and more!    

Watermelon has zero saturated fat, is low in sodium and cholesterol free. Because of its high water content, watermelon is also low in calories. A good food for dieters!

It is an excellent source of vitamins A, B6 and C as well as potassium. Two cups of diced watermelon provides 20 percent of the recommended daily intake for vitamin A and 25 percent for vitamin C. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture’s 2005 Dietary Guidelines recommends we include two cups of fruit per day in our daily diet.

Lycopene, a potential antioxidant found in watermelon, may have disease-fighting benefits. Researchers believe lycopene might have a role in the prevention of some diseases, such as forms of cancer and heart disease. There are about 15 to 20 milligrams (mg) of lycopene in a two-cup serving of watermelon, compared to 4 to 5 mg found in one tomato.

Until next time.....find something to laugh about daily and  eat some watermelon....both are good for you!  :=)  And count the small blessings in your life......we all have them, even in the midst of storms!  I heard a Ray Boltz song the other day and was reminded that "The Anchor Holds".  What an awesome reminder it was!  Cindy

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Every day I get a little stronger and today was better than yesterday.  Tomorrow will be better than today and so on until I get hit for the last time next Wednesday!  By that time I'm feeling pretty darned good (although still very tired)....then POW!  LOL!  One more time!!!

After a trip to Pizza Hut, Linda asked if I wanted to ride up to Sam's Wholesale with her, so I did.  Now, I don't have the strength and stamina to do a lot of lookie-loo and shopping around, but I can go to a store on a "mission" and she knew what she wanted and I knew what I wanted.  

I take my camera in my purse everywhere!  You just don't know when you might run into a "photo opportunity"!  I ran into one of those "photo opportunities" today as I was walking down the aisle at Sam's.  Two young ladies had a table set up and I saw them at one point playing around with their hair.  Then one of them approached me with their "sales pitch" and "product in hand".  It was a Hair Straightener!  Just what I need....LOL!  She asked me what hair product I was using now and I just couldn't resist!  :=)  I told her none because I didn't have any hair!  hehe...I know, I'm sooooo bad!  I left her speechless....I'm pretty sure she never got that response before!  Then I explained that I had a wig on and was doing chemo.  She said she would have never guessed it, so that felt good that I didn't look all "wiggy"!  Then I told her I wasn't really a blonde either and had set out today to see if blondes really do have more fun!  Once again, she said she would not have guessed that either!   She's my new best friend!  :=)  Hey, when you're wearing a wig what better compliment can you get than to be approached to buy a hair product..... you're feeling pretty good that the wig doesn't look all wiggy!  LOL! 

Just that short trip to Sam's wiped me out and I came home and slept for hours!  But, little by little, I can do more and last a little longer.  And this blonde DID have more fun today!  :=)  Thanks to the young ladies at Sam's for humoring me and being good sports and letting me have my "photo opportunity"!

So, until next time, I challenge you to carry your camera with you and watch for those "photo opportunities"!  You just never know when they'll pop up and they can sure be fun!  It's the "little things" in life.......  :=)

PS......My surgery has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 26 at 2:30 pm!  I have one month of summer (July) where I will not be having any kind of treatment, so I am planning two "mini vacations" during that time.  I'll save those details for another post.  It gives me something to look forward to and maybe for one month I can put this behind me and enjoy the summer!


Did I get your attention?  LOL!  Yep, I had my first nude photo shoot.....I can mark that off my bucket list!  hehe! 

Carin, if you're reading this....Look who I ran into there!  :=)

To the rest of you...this is Amy who I had previously met at the "Look Good-Feel Better" program, along with Carin.  It was so good to see Amy again and see how well she is doing.  Amy's cancer was caught early enough that she isn't doing chemo and it was caught by a mammogram (I hope you don't mind me mentioning this Amy).....so once again, I want to remind everyone to GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS!  The earlier you catch this, the less treatment you will need, as well as your prognosis being good.  Putting a mammogram off out of fear of finding something (and I know we do that!) will not make it go away if there's something there!  And don't have a false security because you don't feel a lump...or because you don't have a family history of breast cancer.  Remember, we didn't have a family history either until my mom was diagnosed.....then my sister...and now me.....all within 15 months.   I remember thinking my chances were low because I didn't have any "family history".  It's a "false security" for sure.  MOST women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have any family history and 1 of 8 women will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime.  So, don't take any chances....get your mammograms regularly.....early detection is key in your treatment and survival!  This cancer is beatable!  The earlier you catch it...the better!  Ok, I'll get down from my soapbox....LOL!

This road is full of surprises!  I went to Dr. Jackson for consultant on reconstruction yesterday and I was taken into a room that was set up purposely for photographing "before and after" pictures.  So, I had my "before" picture taken!  I told her it was my first "nude photo shoot" and she responded it was for most women coming in there.  LOL!   One thing about this road, if you had any modesty, it will fly out the window!  :=)

Dr. Jackson was younger than I expected.....and cuter than I imagined!  LOL....can I say that?  Shhhhhh, don't tell him I said that!  He had a "doctor in training" in with him too.   No big deal, I'm so used to this by now!  He had to measure me, told me how the process works and they showed  me "before and after" pictures.  I know Dr. Jackson has a good reputation and has done this a lot, so I feel confident in his abilities.  And he seemed very caring and personable.  Anyone who has ever dealt with him had told me I'd love him! 

The process can take up to a year to completion....ugh, another year of this!!!!  My surgery is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 26.  He has to coordinate it with Dr. Zusan yet, so it could change, depending on her schedule.  And of course I need to be able to have my last chemo on time so it doesn't throw anything off.  So, it's "tentative" at this point.  I will be doing what is called "immediate reconstruction" which means he will insert something called an "tissue expander" under my muscle immediately following the masectomy....as in at the same time as my masectomy.  This expander will be filled with saline every two weeks for 3-6 months.  There will be pain associated with the stretching....sometimes referred to as discomfort (LOL). Discomfort is more pleasant sounding than pain, right?  But he said I will come home from surgery with a pain pump (automatic), as well as pain pills.  Keep me doped up and I'll be fine.  LOL!  After the 3-6 months of saline filling, I will have another surgery to replace the tissue expander with the permanent silicone implant.  I ordered my "perky Cs"!  hehe!  This should complete my "new boobs" unless I have problems.  I did ask about the possibility of them leaking and was assured they are made different than the ones that caused so many problems years ago, but they can still leak within themselves and if that happens, I would be back to surgery to replace them.  So, future surgery could be a possibility, but it sounded simple enough and I'm not going to worry about that. 

I received a card the other day from a friend and it made me chuckle and I want to share it with you.  I so need to face things wih a sense of humor....it helps me get through it all.  I hope it gives anyone going through this a chuckle too.  :=) 

Advantages of Losing your Hair:
6.  Eliminates bed head.
5.  Can be a shining example to others!
4.  No need for expensive hair products.
3.  Takes off years....because you look more like your baby photo!
2.  Gray hair?  What gray hair?
1.  And the NUMBER ONE advantange of losing your hair.....More places to be Kisssed (she says this one is for my hubby)

Thanks Angie!  I loved it!!!!

I want to share this verse with you.  I get a daily verse delivered to me from GodVine and this was my verse this morning.  It just felt like God was whispering it in my ear and I so needed this reminder.
Jesus replied, "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will under...stand." - John 13:7

So until next time.....When you don't understand why something happened or is happening, stay strong. He has a plan for you.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I've given myself an "attitude adjustment" and pulled myself up by my bootstraps......well, in my case, my flip flops!  :=) 

Am I feeling better? Yes!  Am I feeling great?  No!  I'm still very, very weak and I can't really do much of anything. But, it's time I get back to fighting like a girl!

Thank you so much for petitioning God on my behalf.  The power of prayer is amazing and I didn't get this "attitude adjustment" by myself.  I give thanks to God for His goodness and for prayer warriors who continue to lift my needs up to Him!

I call chemo the "gift that keeps on giving"!  LOL!  So, today I got a new "gift" when I woke up.  Dizziness!  Not a "little dizzy", but that "WHOAAAA!" kind of dizzy!  I actually wasn't out of bed yet.  I am on a cpap machine and reached over the side of the bed to turn it and the oxygen off when I woke up (a gift I got last year...ugh!)......and as I reached over I went WHOOOAAA and had to lie back down.  My first thought was the new medicine I'm taking for the acid reflux because the label clearly says "may cause dizziness", although I've taken it about 5 days now and hadn't taken it yet this morning.  Once I laid there for a few minutes I got up and had some dizziness off and on today when I got up....so I didn't get up much from the couch.  I did talk to the doctor's office and she didn't think it would be the medicine and suggested my blood pressure, but I've NEVER had any trouble with my blood pressure (of course I'm getting lots of "firsts" this year, so won't totally rule it out), but then she mentioned it is also a sign of dehydration!  Oh, I didn't know that!  So, now I'm leaning toward that since I haven't drank much in the past few days since I started the battle of acid reflux.  It's been too hard to drink.  She told me some foods that would have a lot of water in them, so I'm working on getting those fluids back up.  Darn, I did soooo good with that the first week!  Oh, and the allergies have returned, so I took my first Zyrtec tonight.  Anyone who knows me very well, knows I HATE taking medicines!  Now I feel like quite the pill popper!  I've just given into it at this time in my life.  :=(

So, I toughened up Sunday afternoon and ventured out to a movie with one of my best buds, Sheila!   While I can't do anything that requires much movement, I can SIT and I so NEEDED to get out of the house!  We went and saw Super 8.  Not my favorite kind of movie, but it was ok.  I can't complain because I picked it.  LOL! 

And since we were both hungry, we stopped by Cracker Barrel on the way home.  It was just really good to get out!  I think it helped to lift my spirits.

My besties, Martha and Linda came over today to organize the "cave" for Stamp Class tomorrow night.  It was good to have some "company" to visit with.  It's amazing how it can perk me up when someone comes over, even for a short visit.  Of course today they came on a mission.  They are going to teach the class for me tomorrow night and handle it all....I just get to "attend" and enjoy everyone's company.  I don't know what I'd do without them......we've become like "sisters" and I appreciate them so much!  Oh, Linda brought me a surprise today....a "Support the Cause" t-shirt.  Can't wait to wear it! 

So, tomorrow I go to Dr. Jackson (the plastic surgeon) and I'm kind of eager to hear him explain the reconstruction surgery to me so I can decide what to do.  ONE MORE CHEMO (June 22) and then I'm going to have to make a decision about my surgery!  Get to hang with Sheila again since she's going with me, and she always lifts my spirits.  Then home and rest a bit before class and then get to see my stamping buds and I'm looking forward to that.  And that will pretty much wipe me out for the day. 

Life is good and tomorrow will be a good day!  I'm kicking those negative thoughts to the curb! 

Until next time....YOU have a good day tomorrow too and kick any negative thoughts to the curb!  :=)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I think I've pretty well turned the corner.  I'm not feeling GREAT, but definately better.  The weakness is the next hurdle to get over.  You can't even imagine how weak chemo makes you....I sure didn't!  I can get winded just going to the bathroom!  But, I will gain strength little by little every day.

I eat very little.  I can be so hungry and get something that looks soooo good and take 2 or 3 bites and I'm done.  Can you imagine how frustrating that is?  Last week I weighed myself and I've lost 28 pounds!  Wow!  I'm happy to lose the weight; just not this way.  But, I do hope to keep it off after this is all over.  That's where my treadmill will come in!  I got it right before I got sick, so really haven't had the chance to use it.  I remember asking my doctor if I could do the treadmill between my chemo treatments....LOL, goes to show I had no idea what I was in for!

When I started this blog I wanted to keep it "real".  So, today I'm going to be totally "real' with you.  Some days I'm not so amazing or inspiring.....some days I'm not so upbeat.....some days cancer and chemo just really suck!   When I'm my sickest I just have to remind myself that the chemo is killing the cancer cells and the sickness shall pass.  I have to keep reminding myself that this will be over soon and I'll feel better.  All I have to do to remind myself of that is to look at my sister, Sheila, who did even more chemo last year and she's "living again" this year.

Yesterday I found myself getting depressed.  I had thoughts I shouldn't be having.  I ask for your prayers in this area.  The fact is.....I'm so tired of being sick.  I'm so tired of just lying around.  My summer sucks...no swimming, no cooking out, no walks, none of the summer stuff everyone does.  I don't even get out in my "stamping cave" (my happy place) anymore and play around with my stamps.  There just is no energy to do much and by the time I start to feel a little more energy, I get hit with another treatment of chemo and start all over again.  But, yes, ONE MORE!!!  Then maybe I can start "living again".  On top of all of this, I have had to deal with a very painful family situation that has shaken my world for the past year and a half.  I have never faced anything this painful in my life.  I miss my mom and dad and wish so much I could talk to them.  I will never understand what has happened and have to find a way to put it behind me.  It's hard and the pain is deep.  No one can hurt you as badly as those closest to you....the ones you thought loved you.  Please pray for me in this area.....God knows the situation. 

This shall pass.....I hope to be back to my perky, positive self very soon.  I HAVE to be....my life depends on it!  I apologize if this post seems to be a downer.....just keepng it "real".  Cancer sucks!

On another note, I will be going to Dr. Jackson, the plastic surgeon, on Tuesday to discuss reconstruction.  I have no idea what I will do yet regarding reconstruction....this will help me make my decision.  He will explain the process to me and show me pictures and it will help a lot.  I think ta-tas are overrated anyway (LOL), so my first thought was to do nothing....just have the double masectomy.  But, when I get to feeling better physically, then I get to thinking.....well, maybe....just maybe!  I've been thinking about ....perky C's maybe?  lol!  And they won't go south....I'll be 90 years old and perky!  hehe!  So, I'll go see what he has to say!  I've asked Sheila to go with me on Tuesday.  She understands more than anyone what I'm going through.

I have my Stamp Class this week and that will perk me up.  It's always a good night to get with my friends for a stamp night and fellowship.  So, I'm looking forward to that.

I'll get stronger every day this week, so I'm hoping to have a good week before I get hit again for the final time next week!  Larry has been trying to work on the pool and get it opened, but it's cloudy and he just hasn't been able to get it cleared up yet.  So, I'm hoping I can go out there and see what I can do with it this week.  I thought about not even bothering with it this year, as I probably won't be in it myself much, if at all....but I think I'd like going out on the deck sitting around it and watching everyone else enjoy it.  So, I'll give it a try this week.....maybe the final try.  Summer will be over before we even get it opened at this rate.

Until next time....please lift me up in prayer.  I praise God for His goodness and being with me through all of this and ask that He takes away any of my depression and emotional turmoil. 

And get out there and enjoy the summer for me!  :=)  It will be gone too quickly.  Cindy

Friday, June 10, 2011


I think I spoke too soon on Day 4.  I was just so excited to be feeling decent on Day 4 that I thought I was turning around early.  Not so!  I'm not going to lie....this time has been rough.  I'm already on Day 9 when I'm usually beginning to feel better and even though I feel like I'm feeling better in "small spurts", I've had a few rough days/nights.  I found myself throwing up today (Day 9)!  I did the same thing on Day 7.  Totally unexpected!  I have been having acid reflux and if you've ever had that, you know it's no fun.  Chemo seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving.  Last time around it was allergies!  This time acid reflux.  I did call my doctor and got some medicine and unfortunately, within 5 minutes of taking it today I found myself throwing up and that blue capsule came right on up too.  Ugh!!!!! 

I've been very weak and not sleeping all that well either.  I keep telling myself this shall pass and I have to admit....I'M READY FOR IT TO PASS NOW!!!!!  I wake up every morning hoping it is my "turnaround day". 

Just wanted to update everyone so you won't be worrying about my non-posting.  I just keep telling myself.....ONE MORE!!!!!!

Prayers appreciated....

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This is an unusual treat to be feeling this well only 4 days after my chemo.  I usually don't "turn around" until Day 8.  It's been "different" this time.  I've had several small periods of feeling well enough to go for a ride or just sit on the porch.  I'm sitting on the front porch right now and am really enjoying getting outside.  I'll admit that I've laid around and slept for much of the day and don't always feel good (have had a sore throat this time) I give thanks to God for any time I feel like a "human" again and can move around. 

I ask myself what is different this time.  Is it because I have been drinking non-stop (apple juice -  lol).  This is the best I've done with my drinking and am proud of myself.  But, apple juice is all I'm able to drink and get down.....so, apple juice it is!  I think when this is all over I deserve a huge Pina Colada from Cheeseburger In Paradise.  Now anyone who truly knows me knows I'm not a drinker....but I sure do have a weakness for their pina coladas!  LOL!  Or is it because my white blood count was higher this time when I got the chemo?  I think it's a combination of both.  Oh, and I another "gift" from chemo.  Allergies!  I've NEVER EVER had to deal with allergies and after my last chemo my eyes drove me nuts!  Itching, watering, stinging....and my nose would run .....I thought it sounded how people described allergies, but I DON'T HAVE ALLERGIES!  Was it the chemo doing this?  In talking to Dr V about it, he confirmed it is allergies and my immune system being down had subjected me to them.  Makes sense.  Lovely.  LOL!  I can sure sympathize with you who have suffered allergies for years.....bless your hearts.  It drove me crazy!  They're ok now...pollen count must be down. 

Now while I may not be feeling great altogether, it is just so awesome to even get a half hour where I feel like doing something, even it's just to sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by.  Larry has worked on opening our pool this weekend, so I look forward to getting the deck cleaned up and getting out and sitting aroud the pool.  And my brother installed some outdoor speakers for us last year, so wherever I sit....I have music.  I'm a big music person!  My personal favorites....the Oldies!  Ahhhh, take me down memory lane!

I thank everyone for their prayers.  You have uplifted me and helped me get through this and God has been right by my side through it all.  I know I am going to beat this and feel it's getting closer and closer.  Prayers for strength for what lies ahead are appreciated , including the decisions I have to make concerning the surgery.  I won't say this has been an "easy road", but I have had a "peace" through it all.  And I have seen God's hands in my life in so many ways, so I have been able to see the blessings that have come my way through this illness. 

I just give thanks today for such a good day where I have had periods of feeling "half way decent".

Until next time.....watch for your blessings in any circumstance!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CHEMO #3....1 MORE TO GO!!!!!

Today I had my 3rd chemo! 

It was a good day!  For one thing I felt pretty good.  And my white blood cells were 4.0!  Yay!  Remember they were .9 last time!  They said that was good, but on the lower end of average/normal, so they still want me to come back tomorrow for the shot.  Works for me!  I want to keep those suckers up!  I didn't get in trouble with Dr. V today (LOL) about my fluids, although he did tell me I need to drink more!  I did better this time.  No IV fluids today.  Oh, and I lost 9 pounds in the last 3 weeks!  Yay!  While it's not a good/fun way to lose weight, I'm happy to lose it!  You have to look at the "silver lining"!  LOL!

My sister, Sheila, went with me today.  She went through chemo and surgery last year (I've told you about her, I'm sure).  She works for the school system, so I've just been waiting for her to get out of school so she could go with me.  I was eager for her to meet Dr. V....I knew she would like him...and she did!  :=)

It was just a really good day and I left feeling really upbeat.  I had the chance to ask Dr. V if I might have to have a total of 8 chemo sessions, depending on the tests after 4.  He adamantly told me no....He said FOUR and held up four fingers.  I pushed him further and Sheila asked him something and he answered Sheila by saying (with 4 fingers held up)..."FOUR, because she's special!"  LOL.....what a sweet talker he is!  So, then I told him in the beginning he had mentioned that I may have to take 4 of another kind of chemo and if that was still a possibility and once again he held up four fingers and said, "FOUR....your lymph nodes were clean!".  Ok, he was pretty adamant, so I accept it!  June 22 I will go for my last chemo.....yay!!!!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Yes, come this weekend I'll be down "sick" again...BUT IT WILL PASS.  And yes, then I'll get hit again on June 22 and once again be down "sick" again, BUT IT WILL PASS!  And I won't get hit again!  I just can't tell you how that feels!  Of course I'll still have my surgery upcoming after that, but honestly....I'm not sure it will be so bad.  I've had some pretty major surgeries so it doesn't scare me and as long as I heal good, I'll do fine.  I just left there so happy to know that I'll be done with chemo by the end of June!  I plan to celebrate!  :=)

After leaving chemo we had to go eat!  Guess where?  Our favorite....Olive Garden!  We had the most awesome gentleman (Max) waiting on us today and since I look like a walking billboard for cancer (LOL), he started talking to us and said he hopes my prognosis is good (it is!).  Then I told him Sheila had just gone through this last year and that we're sisters.  He told us he'd like to remember us sisters in prayer.  How awesome is that?  God is always leading us to people who encourage us and pray for us...I don't believe it's an accident.  Then we had him to take our picture.  Then we went to one of our favorite stores, Christmas Tree Shop!  I got me a new hat....can't wait to show you.  LOL!  I so enjoyed hanging with my sister today!  I'm so glad I've got her in my life!  We've always been close.....but I think we've got an even stronger bond today.  It was just a good day and we were both tired by the time we headed home. 

Tomorrow I'm going back up to Dr. V's for the shot....possibly IV fluids (depending on my urine sample today).  If I get only the shot I'll be in and out fast!  The IV fluids would take 2 hours, but that's ok too.  I will have a hard time drinking that first week because everything will taste like metal.....plus I'll be sleeping much of the time.  My good buddies Linda Morrow and Martha Culp are going with me!  And a trip to Greenwood always has lunch plans...LOL....and hitting a couple of our favorite stores!  It will be a good day!

Until next time....You all have a good day!  :=)