But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CHEMO #3....1 MORE TO GO!!!!!

Today I had my 3rd chemo! 

It was a good day!  For one thing I felt pretty good.  And my white blood cells were 4.0!  Yay!  Remember they were .9 last time!  They said that was good, but on the lower end of average/normal, so they still want me to come back tomorrow for the shot.  Works for me!  I want to keep those suckers up!  I didn't get in trouble with Dr. V today (LOL) about my fluids, although he did tell me I need to drink more!  I did better this time.  No IV fluids today.  Oh, and I lost 9 pounds in the last 3 weeks!  Yay!  While it's not a good/fun way to lose weight, I'm happy to lose it!  You have to look at the "silver lining"!  LOL!

My sister, Sheila, went with me today.  She went through chemo and surgery last year (I've told you about her, I'm sure).  She works for the school system, so I've just been waiting for her to get out of school so she could go with me.  I was eager for her to meet Dr. V....I knew she would like him...and she did!  :=)

It was just a really good day and I left feeling really upbeat.  I had the chance to ask Dr. V if I might have to have a total of 8 chemo sessions, depending on the tests after 4.  He adamantly told me no....He said FOUR and held up four fingers.  I pushed him further and Sheila asked him something and he answered Sheila by saying (with 4 fingers held up)..."FOUR, because she's special!"  LOL.....what a sweet talker he is!  So, then I told him in the beginning he had mentioned that I may have to take 4 of another kind of chemo and if that was still a possibility and once again he held up four fingers and said, "FOUR....your lymph nodes were clean!".  Ok, he was pretty adamant, so I accept it!  June 22 I will go for my last chemo.....yay!!!!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Yes, come this weekend I'll be down "sick" again...BUT IT WILL PASS.  And yes, then I'll get hit again on June 22 and once again be down "sick" again, BUT IT WILL PASS!  And I won't get hit again!  I just can't tell you how that feels!  Of course I'll still have my surgery upcoming after that, but honestly....I'm not sure it will be so bad.  I've had some pretty major surgeries so it doesn't scare me and as long as I heal good, I'll do fine.  I just left there so happy to know that I'll be done with chemo by the end of June!  I plan to celebrate!  :=)

After leaving chemo we had to go eat!  Guess where?  Our favorite....Olive Garden!  We had the most awesome gentleman (Max) waiting on us today and since I look like a walking billboard for cancer (LOL), he started talking to us and said he hopes my prognosis is good (it is!).  Then I told him Sheila had just gone through this last year and that we're sisters.  He told us he'd like to remember us sisters in prayer.  How awesome is that?  God is always leading us to people who encourage us and pray for us...I don't believe it's an accident.  Then we had him to take our picture.  Then we went to one of our favorite stores, Christmas Tree Shop!  I got me a new hat....can't wait to show you.  LOL!  I so enjoyed hanging with my sister today!  I'm so glad I've got her in my life!  We've always been close.....but I think we've got an even stronger bond today.  It was just a good day and we were both tired by the time we headed home. 

Tomorrow I'm going back up to Dr. V's for the shot....possibly IV fluids (depending on my urine sample today).  If I get only the shot I'll be in and out fast!  The IV fluids would take 2 hours, but that's ok too.  I will have a hard time drinking that first week because everything will taste like metal.....plus I'll be sleeping much of the time.  My good buddies Linda Morrow and Martha Culp are going with me!  And a trip to Greenwood always has lunch plans...LOL....and hitting a couple of our favorite stores!  It will be a good day!

Until next time....You all have a good day!  :=)


  1. Hi Miss Pretty in Pink!! Happy to hear you are down to just one more chemo. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your attitude has just been so great throughout all of this and, I agree, your sister has been your best cheerleader! If I ever have to go through this same battle, I'm going to call up you and Sheila as my team!! God holds you in his hands and you are blessed! Love you, Brenda

  2. Brenda, thank you so much for always giving me an encouraging message. You have been a great cheerleader too! And you know I would hope you never walk this road....but if you ever do, I'm here for you! Sheila would be too! Hugz! Cindy