But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Friday, March 16, 2012


Wow, it's been a week since my last update.  Not much happening in my "medical world" to report to you, except that the spinal injection is working...yay!!!!  I never imagined getting rid of that pain.  I do still have it occasionally, but not much at all and it feels sooo good to NOT have my leg hurting all day and all night!  I can even lie on my back now without pain...I couldn't do that before!  I don't know how long it will last...maybe weeks, maybe months, maybe forever!  But, if it begins to hurt again in a few months, I can do it again!  I'm just thrilled to get rid of that pain!

Yay, someone taller than me (Martha)....I'm usually the tallest in a group!
I've just been busy enjoying life!  Our Red Hat group....the Sisterhood of the Travelling Hatters....went on another outing last weekend and we had a blast!  We visited the National Maple Syrup Festival in Medora, Indiana!  This was the 4th year for this festival but none of us had ever been and it's right here in our own county!  We're really enjoying discovering Indiana and finding so many neat things right next door to us!  And we're meeting so many awesome people who are blessing us!
When we first arrived, we were greeted by this man....Michael Dean.....who was such a good sport.  We really enjoyed having fun with him!
He even bowed to the Queen...lol!  What a sport!

Then we loaded on to the school bus and headed to the Maple Farm!  We all decided they are making those bus seats smaller than we remembered them....lol!

Vice Queen Martha and I as we arrived at the Maple Farm!
Sap Buckets...have you ever seen sap collected from the trees?  I always try to think back ....way way back....and wonder who was the FIRST person to see something coming out of a tree and decided they should taste it?  lol...do you ever wonder stuff like that?

Then we were shown how the farm makes the maple syrup...very interesting and educational!  This whole festival was very educational!
Vice Queen Linda showing off the finished syrup...yum!
I couldn't resist...I had to buy me one!

And...any Red Hat event includes food!!!  Look how serious they get when it comes to food...lol!  They had a great dinner right there at the farm.....using maple syrup, of course!

Allene....those baked beans and pork chops were awesome!

I always like to go "behind the scenes" and had to go visit our cooks....if I remember correctly, their names were Kenny and Craig (or Greg).

After eating, we ran into this couple from the wild west!  Look...she even let me hold one of her guns!  That sucker was heavy...it was REAL!  I'll admit it, I had never held a pistol in my life.  I'm experiencing all kinds of new things in my "new life"!  :=)  They invited us to a shoot-out at 3:30 at the cabin!  Oooooh, of course we had to check that out!

This was one mean outlaw!  He came over to us right away and let us know to stay where we were because he wasn't above slapping a woman and we might get shot.  Oh my!  lol!
But, after the gun battle, he posed with me and I think his "bark" was bigger than his "bite"!

The bad guys.....

The good guys.....
A dead bad guy...the good guys won!  :=)
We had never seen a gun battle reenactment and it was fun!  Even the "blanks" were LOUD and sounded so real and made us jump!
And after the gun battle we all visited with them and posed for pictures.  We found out they were from LaGrange, Ky.  We really enjoyed talking with them.  This was our "mean look" portrait...lol!

We even met this 18th century red hatter....one of the originals!

And, Allene, even roped her a man...lol...isn't it great?

We had such a good time at this festival!   It is held every year for two weekends in March and if you are able to visit next year, I highly recommend it!  Everyone was so friendly and it was just a neat and educational festival!  And we just happened to have a beautiful and warm March day! 

I'm really enjoying our Red Hat group.  We are going to a Taste of Home cooking school at our local high school next week....kind of a bonus event for March!  That should be fun too.  It's always fun with my red hat sisters!

Nothing medically going on in March.  I guess that's a good thing....right?  It seems so weird to not have any doctor appointments or anything medically happening!  I think it makes me realize more and more that life is returning to normal.  I am even beginning to get more used to my "new breasts".  Some days they still feel so tight....not normal....but other days I even forget about them.  Yay!  They are still very numb though and that's weird feeling!  But the nerves have been cut...which means no feeling!  I'm still holding my weight down....I've gained a few pounds, but nothing to make much of a difference.  Still wearing the smaller clothes!  I hope I can keep this up!  :=)

Until next time....enjoy life and discover things that may be closeby to you!  I think sometimes we get in a "rut" of doing the same things over and over...I know I did!  Get out and discover something new!
Life is good!  Cindy


  1. i want to be a red hatter one day!!!! too bad 20 somethings cant be one..or can they? ahahhaa

    love that your loving life..enjoy the break from dr. visits!

  2. Tristan, actually under 50 year olds can participate.....but you gotta wear a PINK hat and lavendar clothing! Shall I keep you posted on our next events? :=) We're a pretty crazy bunch....lol!