But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Well, isn't that a scary looking place!!!!
I went and visited our local Tattoo shop today to talk with them about getting my pink ribbon tattoo.  My oh my, why do they have to make their shops so evil and scary looking...lol!  They might get more business from us grannys if it looked more like a manicure shop!   Grannies flock for those manicures and pedicures by the thousands!  But, I'm afraid it might be the scariness of the tattoo parlors that scare us grannies away!  lol!

But, this granny had made up her mind last summer to enter into that "world unknown" for a tattoo of a pink ribbon when her treatments were finished!  And, enter I did....and I survived!  Now, I am learning more and more not to "judge a book by it's cover" and this is exactly one of those times that the inside wasn't as scary as the outside!  The tattooed gentleman inside was very nice and helpful and I showed him my picture of the tattoo I wanted and he says he can do it....yay!!!  So, on April 7th....my Cancerversary.....I will venture back down to this scary shop and put my arm out and let them do some artwork on my wrist!  I have some family members who said they wanted to get one when I do, so I hope they live up to that and go with me!  April 7th....one year of survival....one year ago I was diagnosed on April 7th...something to celebrate!  It's also my mom and dad's wedding anniversary....I had never put that together before...I was diagnosed on their anniversary.   And I will be celebrating with my very first tattoo!!!  Notice I didn't say my last!  :=)  He even quoted me a price.....I had no idea what to expect!  $65....ok...I can live with that!  :=)  I'll show you all when it's done. I asked him if it would hurt and he said he wasn't going to lie...it would hurt.  But, hey, after chemo and 4 surgeries last year, I think I've got this one!

It is an absolutely beautiful day today...I saw a sign driving around town today that registered 81 degrees.  Wow, what  weird winter!  I thought that groundhog saw his shadow!  He must have been teasing us!

I feel like I've got a new lease on life....not just because I survived breast cancer....but because other medical problems have finally been "fixed".  Even before I was ever diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a lot going on in my body that was hard to pinpoint.  And now that those are fixed, I just feel so much better!  Gallbladder removed, sleep apnea diagnosed and gone, and now the pain in my leg treated!  Plus the loss of weight just makes me feel better too!  I feel like a new woman!  I don't sleep all day any more.....that was a result of the sleep apnea!  And once I get up I feel rested up and energetic and ready to face the world!  And I'm doing it without the pain going down my leg all day long!   I knew when my mom was still alive I "just never felt good", but you don't realize how bad you actually feel until you feel BETTER!  Plus, there was no obvious reason for me to feel so badly!  Now that I look back on it....I had a lot going on with my health....I just didn't know what!  I'm so thankful for the doctors who have worked at figuring it all out and "fixing" it.  I feel like I'm living again!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures from yesterday of our trip to the Maple Syrup festival!  I had more that I purposely didn't show you yesterday because I didn't want to overwhelm you.  So, I'll show a few more of those now!

One of the first things we ran into at the Maple Farm was a "man eating chicken"!!!  Never seen one? Well, see for yourself!!

LOL!  What can I say about this?  It speaks for itself!  :=)

And they had some great pickin' music for our entertainment!

The village potter sat and chatted with Sheila and Martha for a bit!

We walked down a trail and found some Indians cooking raccoon!
Ick....one look at that foot still attached and I wanted nothing to do with it!  Cancer made me braver...but not stupid...lol!
My sister, Sheila, however, evidently didn't have enough for dinner and she ate some!  Ick, ick, ick!  She tried to talk me into it but didn't succeed.  This was quite a role reversal...I'm usually the nuttier sister...lol!  But, I have my limits!  :=)

On that same trail we found some pioneers making candy from the sap.
They had been cooking it over a fire for two days....

Then they removed it from the fire and stirred it until it thickened up (like we do with fudge!)
Once it was thick enough, she poured it into a wooden mold.
And then they gave us samples of it to try!  Yes, I tried it...hey, it was CANDY and there was no foot attached...lol!  It was alright....a little smokey tasting.  But what a great lesson of how the pioneers made candy back in the 18th century!  We take so much for granted, don't we?  I get tired just thinking of how hard those pioneers worked!

We had a great and educational time at the Maple Farm....you should check it out!  I know we all said we were exhausted the next day...lol!

Did you know that the longest covered bridge in America is in Medora, Indiana?  Well, neither did we!  It was just a mile up the road so we had to check it out when we left the festival!

Look at that beauty!  Wow, right here in my own county and I had never seen it!  I need to get out more...lol...hey, I am!
An inside view...isn't that awesome!  No, it's no longer used for traffic and has been restored.
But, foot traffic is welcome and yes, we walked clear across it!

And what's a trip to a covered bridge without locking the van keys in the van?  Yes...it did happen..lol!  Good thing Red Hatters are at that age where they know things will work out....everything is fixable....and we don't get all spastic and upset!

How many red hatters does it take to change a battery in a car remote control?  lol!
We can figure this out!  After all, we've raised teenagers, two of us have survived cancer, we've all had some life experiences that were hard to deal with.....let's not sweat the small stuff.... we can surely deal with a locked van, right?

The look of anticipation...did it work....will it work?
The answer...NO!

So, when all else fails, we just sit and wait for help...lol!  I told them they looked like yard ornaments..hehe!

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you!  Life is good!  I saw someone with cancer refer to "living out loud" on their blog...and I have adopted that saying....I am LIVING OUT LOUD and loving life again!  When I look at what was happening in my life before I got cancer, I can truly say that God has restored me....not only physically, but mentally and emotionally!  All glory to Him!!!

Until next time....give God the glory for the good things in your life!


  1. Cindy, I haven't had a chance to tell you but yesterday when Harold and I were getting haircuts, a man riding a Harley came in for his haircut and I didn't recognize him but I said something about our Red Hatters and he was the guy you talked to at Dairy Queen!!!! His name is Bob!!! He definitely remembered you!!!
    Anyway, I feel that our delay at the Bridge was another God moment because if we had left when we intended, you would have missed talking to Bob!!!!

  2. You are so right Linda! Don't you just love seeing the "footprints of God" and how those moments in life all fit together! I feel so blessed by the people God has brought across our path in the past year and still continues to do so! There is a reason we meet the people we meet along the way, whether we ever know the reason...God knows the plan! :=) I am just in awe at the way He's been blessing us! Thanks for sharing that with me! I love our "God moments"!