But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last night I got the opportunity to meet another "cancer sister" I have met on this journey!  We were connected on facebook, but this is the first time I got to actually meet her in person!  I was soooo excited and looking forward to it!  My buddy, Linda, went with me!
This is Andee Pagel from Greenwood, Indiana....just about 50 miles from me.  You might recall that Greenwood is where my doctors and hospital are, plus my favorite shopping spots....so it's become a "second home" to me!  My car just drives itself up there now...lol!  Isn't she just the cutest little thing?  Andee is young enough to be my own child...29....and has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She did the chemo but it came back this year.  I loved her positive, fighting spirit and we just "connected" in a way that those with cancer do.  It's not a "family" you want to be a part of, but there is quite a "sisterhood" when you meet...you just connect.  We actually sat at that table at Outback Steakhouse chatting up a storm with each other in "our own little world".  It was sooo good!

I was thrilled to finally get to meet Andee in person.  I got connected with her in the strangest way....a wrong phone number text (long story).  I like to call these kind of things a "God thing".
I also got to meet her little family, consisting of Karl and their beautiful little girl, Kayliann!
What an awesome, supportive fiance Karl was.  I was so happy I also got to meet him!  I just loved seeing all of the support that Andee obviously has on her journey.  I got to meet the rest of her family too....her mom, two sisters, aunt, and neice.  It was such a blessing to meet them all!

Our waitress took this awesome group shot of us and I'm so glad she did! It was an awesome evening and Linda and I were truly blessed to meet this great family!  As a mother myself, I can't imagine watching your child have to go through this...especially at such a young age.  But, Andee's spirit is just so inspiring and I know she gives such positive hope to her own family.  Will you please add Andee to your prayer list....thank you so much!

My new shoes....
Aren't these awesome?  LOL!  I had first seen them down in Evansville when I set up at the Chico's store....one of the sales girls was wearing them!  I thought, "Oh man, I need some of those"!  Well, little did I realize that a foot doctor just down the street from me sells them...I saw them advertised in the newspaper during October and was so surprised that they were right down the street!  So, I popped in and ouch...the price tag put me in shock!  LOL!  NO WAY do I spend that much money on shoes...never have!  I just can't justify that.....but, darn I want them!  Ever feel that way?  lol!  Well, a lightbulb lit up in my head and I asked if they did layaway, thinking that would be easier for me to justify paying $25.00 every other week until they were paid for!  Yep, they let me do that....so that wasn't so painful!  Funny how doing it that way makes it "feel" like they were cheaper.  :=)  And I have to tell you, I love, love, love them!  They are clogs, but have a back to them and they are so incredibly comfortable.....real good arch and support.  So, I will justify the purchase by knowing they are good for my feet!  That works!  :=)  And they are patent leather.....super shiny!  Dr. Venkatesh noticed them right off when I went to visit with him and remarked on how shiny my shoes were...said I could see my reflection in them!  LOL!  That's what I love about him....he's so personable.  How many other doctors would have even commented?

My newspaper/picture collage
I finally got it done!  When our newspaper article came out, my daughter Jennifer laminated it for me.  I was thrilled and told her I'd frame it!  Isn't it awesome?
I had to take the picture at an angle, as the flash just made a glare straight on.

I had to find a rather large frame because it was so long, but there was lots of space around the sides, so I decided to just add some photos of some of my "supporters" from my journey.  I really like the way it turned out!  I have another frame that I will be putting more pictures in....another day!  Way too many special memories and special people from this year to be able to include them in just one frame.  Just looking through these pictures of this past year brought warm memories of each person who helped me through this and I smile every time I see this hanging on the wall.  It makes me feel so blessed to see how far I've come.  The battle is behind me now, but I don't want to ever forget it and the blessings that came in the midst of it.  God truly walked beside me the whole way.

Until next time, watch for those blessings that God brings us every day.  Sometimes we get too busy to recognize them, but they are there.  And, just a reminder....GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM!!!!  :=)

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  1. Love the shoes! And the collage is so cool. Glad I found your blog!