But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Friday, November 4, 2011


As I reach the end of my treatments and surgeries (not there just yet), I pondered what to do with my blog.  I do still have my upcoming surgeries and will report on them and then my check-ups for at least the next 3 years and I'll report on them.  But, I don't plan to have any more beyond that....cause I've kicked this cancer's butt, right???? So, where do I go with my blog between these surgeries and appointments?  There just isn't much "medical" to report right now....which is a GOOD thing!  

I was discussing this with my good friend, Martha, and she said she enjoyed reading about my everyday life....like the Halloween post.  So, she encouraged me to continue my blog and just tell about my "every day life".  And I've enjoyed blogging, so if you guys want to hang with me....I think I'll do just that....blog about my every day life!  There's just something "therapeutic" about blogging and for those who don't know me, it will give you more insight into "who" I am!  And for those who do know me, I hope you enjoy my life stories too and maybe you'll learn some things about me that you didn't know!  Cancer does not define "who" I am....it was a "chapter" in my life, but there's so much more in the "book"!

So, with that being said, let me tell you how my day has gone so far today.  The man in brown just arrived and dropped this off.  OOOOH, I love UPS Packages!  I sell Thirty One Gifts, Scentsy, and Thirty One, so I'm always getting orders delivered by UPS.  But today was different....it wasn't an order at all!  I knew I had WON something from Thirty One and thought they were shipping it to me next week....but could it be here already???  The return address said it was from "Business Impact Group" in Minnesota.  Don't know who that is....is must be my prize!

So, I opened it and this is what I found!

What fun....they even gift wrapped it....how cool is that?

Yep, it is my PRIZE!!!!  I won this by submitting a $500+ party the last week of October (thanks Kelli!) and my name went in a drawing and they drew my name!  It was the only qualifying party I submitted during this promotion and I never ever even gave it a thought that I would win.  I so don't ever win, that I didn't even think about the promotion when I submitted the party.  So, what did I win, you say?  Take a look!!!  This is no small prize!

Now, now how cool is that?  They gave away 450 of these the month of October!  How generous!  They are a great company to work for.  

It was funny how I found out I won.  I signed into my facebook and these other 31 consultants who know me were congratulating me for winning an XBox.  Like I said, I didn't even give the promotion a thought and here they were telling me I'd won and I was like, "I did?????  Seriously????"

I was excited to win anything, but must confess that my first thought was, "an Xbox...what am I going to do with that?  I'd like a Kindle Fire, or an Ipad or even a Wii....I sooooo don't play video games!"  LOL!  "Oh, but my husband will be happy!"  :=)  I thought about not telling him and giving it to him for Christmas, but he has some type of game system now and if he already had an Xbox, I didn't want to give him another one.  LOL...hey, I don't care about his video games, so I didn't really know what kind he had!  So, I went and asked him...he does not have an Xbox....but he'd like one!  I bet he would...lol!   I told him I thought I won one and he looked at me in disbelief.  I told him I hadn't verified it yet....once I verified it and went back and told him it was "a sure thing", his eyes lit up like a little kid!  Men and their video games!  LOL! 

Well, when I verified it I also verified the particulars of it and saw that it was a Kinect.....which meant absolutely nothing to me.  So, I did a google search real fast and it was then that I realized it was similar to a Wii, which I was wanting!  I don't do the sit down video games, but I think I'd have fun with the interactive dancing, fitness, bowling games.  So, then I got more excited!!!!

By the way, Larry still doesn't have an Xbox!  LOL!

Last night my good buddy, Martha, came over to help me brainstorm for our stamp class coming up next Tuesday.  My other good buddy, Linda (hi Linda!), was down in Kentucky, but she joined us on Skype and we were able to show her what we made!  We have such fun during these brainstorming nights.  And last night we were so happy with ourselves that we got all 3 projects designed for the class.  We always make 3 cards and one 3-D item.  And of course we are into "Christmas" right now.  So, here's what we came up with!  We were so pleased with ourselves!  I hadn't felt like stamping much this summer while on chemo and it feels so good to have my mojo back!  We call our stamping sessions "therapy"!  You can be in a bad mood and as soon as you begin to create, your mood instantly lightens up.  My stamp cave is my "happy place"!

See how cute this one is.  I wanted to show you how the little windows open and close. It has little peek-a-boo frames with a stamped image under each one!  We used a Big Shot die for the frames....from Stampin' Up! of course!  :=)  It was a fun card to make!

Our 3-d item is this cute triangular box made from one piece of cardstock and decorated like a Christmas Tree. And of course I'll have candy for them to fill it with!  :=)  What a cute Christmas treat to pass out to co-workers, friends, family...or have at each place setting at Christmas dinner or a Christmas party!

Now I just have to get the "kits" cut out for next Tuesday and tidy up the "cave" and we'll be having a great night out there next week!  I always look forward to "class night"!  Good creative fun, good fellowship with other creative women, and good food!  Does it get any better than that?

Speaking of good friends, my friend, Angie, from Ohio is coming to Indiana today with her children and hubby and their 4-H group!  I was so excited when she emailed and asked me how close Norman, Indiana is to me!  Out of all the places they could have been going to in Indiana, they end up coming to my COUNTY!!!  It's just up the road from us.  It's at a horse camp and they are pulling their horses and will be there all weekend.  We are going over tonight and join them around the campfire and eat!  I love, love, love campfires, especially this time of the year!  And this is in the Hoosier National Forest, so I know it will be beautiful with the Fall Foilage!  I'll be in "earthy heaven"!

Until next time, make every day a "fun day" and find your "earthly heaven"!  :=)

PS....the muscle in my breast area is feeling better.  It was really tight after that last "fill" and oh so uncomfortable.  But, I'm feeling much better now!  Life is good!  I gotta love that my medical issues have become a "footnote" in my life now!  :=)

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