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Monday, February 20, 2012


Now, I know you all don't realize I'm old enough to be a "red hatter" (lol), but I must confess....I am!!!!  My friends, Martha and Linda, and I have formed a new local red hatter group and we went out on our first outing Saturday night!  What fun! 

Ok, do you all know what a "red hatter" is?  It's a group of women who are 50 years or older who dress in purple and red, with a RED HAT and go out and have fun!!!!!  We are embracing getting older together!  No rules....except for the clothing/hats.  The mission....TO HAVE FUN!!!  I think we accomplishd that on our first outing!  See that gal in the middle with the pink hat?  Well, she's our "baby"...she's only 49 and has to wear a pink hat.  She can't wear a red one until her 50th birthday...lol!  And this isn't all of us!  We have 10 members in our group so far, and 9 of them made it to our first event on Saturday!  We also had to choose a name for our group and voted from a list of 5 names, and it was unanimous...we became the "Sisterhood of the Travelling Hatters".  Martha suggested it (no one knew that at the time though, except me and Linda) and it just fits us so well.  I love it....kudos to Martha for thinking of it!  She said she thought of it lying in bed one night.  Don't we get the best ideas when lying in bed?  I know I do!  :=)

Aren't we all so cute?
Here we all are...all nine of us!  We ate at a downtown North Vernon, Indiana, restaurant (a bed and breakfast place) and went to a theater two doors down.  We intended to see the Legendary Drifters in concert (you older folks will know who they are!).  But, they went and called and cancelled the concert only two hours before it was to begin!  Oh no!!!  How embarrassing for the theater that set this up!  But they did the "right thing" and gave everyone their money back and went beyond that and treated us to a fun movie...Joyful Noise.  Some of us (including me) had already seen it, but some hadn't.  And hey, even us who had seen it before enjoyed it again!!!!

Oh,and there is a Queen and we have two Vice Queens.  Can you guess who the Queen is?  :=)  Yes, we are self appointed...lol...but, hey, we are the ones who came up with the group, so we deserve it, right?!  Hey, it's probably the only time I get to be a "queen" in my life (well, ok, I am also a self appointed queen at my stamp classes...lol).  So, we'll just say it's the ONLY way I'll get to be a Queen!  :=)

Yep, here's the Queen and her "Vice" Queens!  I actually think we all look like a Queen in our lovely hats!  :=)

Here I am with two of my "blood" sisters.  I'm so glad they have joined us!  Good times with sisters!  We all had a great time and are already planning our March event at a Maple Syrup Festival!  We plan to do an event every month! 

We were having so much fun that everyone wanted to join us...lol....even Bill!  Bill is the one I spoke to on the phone to purchase the concert tickets and he had told me he was a "red hatter" too and had a red hat.  So, I told him he'd have to get it out and join us for a picture.  When we entered the theater, there he was waiting on us!  :=)  How cute!  We loved it! 
Any other red hatters out there?  Would love to hear from you!

I went to the Merry Crazies Support Group for my second time last week and am really enjoying getting to know the girls there. 

We have all survived breast cancer and lots to celebrate!  So, we toasted with a "Buttery Nipple" shot.  Seemed appropriate!  I'm not a "drinker", but how I can I NOT toast to us?  After all, it's just an "itty bitty" drink...lol!

(I'm wearing my leggings...I feel so skinny in them...lol)
My buddy, Ruby, went with me.  Do you remember Ruby?  Doesn't she look great!!!!!

This is me and Ruby last summer when I was doing chemo and she hadn't begun it yet.  We met through our Doctor's office.  I had been asked if I'd be interested in being a "mentor" when I got well and Ruby was wanting to talk with someone who had reconstruction (she was trying to decide) and they asked if I'd talk with her and we've become great friends!  We hadn't seen each other since that first meeting, although we talk a lot on the phone.  We had to chuckle that the first time we met, I had no hair and she did....and this time, she had no hair and I did!  lol!  We've both changed a lot!  Ruby hasn't had her "exchange surgery" yet, so I'm a little ahead of her in our treatments!  She's not far behind though!  And we are survivors!!!!  And we're ready to help others who find themselves battling this horrible disease!  We are setting up a new support group in the Seymour area, so if you live closeby and would like to join in our support group, please get ahold of me.  We will be having our first group meeting at Bob Evans Restaurant on Hwy 46 in Columbus, IN on Thursday, March 8 at 6 PM.  Ruby is from Nashville, IN and I'm from Seymour, so we wanted to find a "central place" for our meetings.  We would like to welcome any other survivors in the area, or those just now beginning their journey.  We want to help "love you through it".  So, contact me if you are interested in joining us.  We will need a "head count" to tell the restaurant for seating.  We will be in a private area of the restaurant, but they have asked us for a head count by March 7th.  If you know anyone in Jackson County, Jennings County, Bartholomew County, Brown County, or anyone else close enough to join us....that may benefit from a breast cancer support group...please tell them about this new group!  No matter how far out you may be from your journey, we welcome you!  We can all help each other and be there for those just beginning their journeys!

I don't have a lot of medical news this time around, which in the life of a cancer survivor, is a good thing!  I did get my appointment for my tattooing set up.  I won't be getting them until April 23.  Whooohooo, I'll have two tattoos and be oh so hip.  lol!  Actually, I am planning to get my first "pretty" tattoo of a pink ribbon done on my Cancerversary which will be April 7.  This is the tattoo I plan to get on the inside of my wrist.  My cancer sister, Amy, got it and I want to get the same one at the same place because I think it looks really nice!  I am thinking, though, of adding a couple of stars on the outside of it to honor my mom and sister.
I borrowed your picture Amy....hope you don't mind!

I want to check with my doctors, but I can't see why I wouldn't be able to (especially since I'll be getting TWO shorty after)...but I think I should ask them.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate my FIRST YEAR OF SURVIVING BREAST CANCER than with a tattoo!  I think I have a few sisters who want to go along with me and get one too.  Oh how cool will that be? 

And here is another one I'd like to get....maybe on my shoulder....well, on my back up by my shoulder...lol!  Omigosh, can you believe I'm already wanting a second one and don't even have my first one yet?  LOL!  I've been told they are addicting, but I've left some in shock that I even want ONE and now I'm talking about a second one!  Now, I won't be covering my whole body in them (lol), but I think I could do a couple....and maybe even a third one on my ankle!  hehehehehe....are my children freaking out reading this?  :=)

The only other medical report I have are the results of my Spine MRI and my Bone Density Test.  I was particularly interested in the bone density, considering I have a severe Vitamin D deficiency and the cancer pill that I take, Armidex, is hard on your bones.  Well, I am happy to say that as of now, my bone density test came out good!!!!  Yay!!!  Now, the MRI...I already figured it would show something because I've had pain for several years and decided it was time to find out what was causing it.  I have a high tolerance for pain, but there comes a time when you just want to know what is causing it and what can be done to relieve it!  Well, it was found through the MRI that I have degenerative arthritis on my spine and that is causing the pain.  That explains why sometimes it's worse than other times....cause that's kinda how arthritis works.  Now that we know what it is, my family doctor is sending me to an Orthepedics Surgeon, Dr. Chambers.  I don't think it's anything that requires surgery, but he will see if injections will help relieve my pain.  So, I'll be going to him next Monday.  Man, growing old sucks...but, I guess it's better than the alternative..lol!  And hey, by the time these doctors get done with me, I'll be a brand new person...lol!

I have a couple of Thirty One parties still left in February, so my business is back on track.  Yay!!!  An illness can really set you back in a business, so I'm thankful to those who have been willing to help me get jump-started again! 

I have been extremely busy and my calendar has been full...life is good!  :=)  I feel so blessed by the people I have met over the past year and for the friends and family who have hung with me. 

Until next time.....Go out and have some fun!!!!!!!!!  And cherish those relationships you have and form new relationships!  We all need each other!

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