But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ok, two more doctors to introduce you to.  Dr. Chambers is an Orthopedic Surgeon that I saw this week concerning a leg pain that I've tolerated for several years now.  I basically have no cartilege left in my knees and have had a lot of pain in that area, along with stiffness.  At first I thought the pain going clear down my leg and behind my knee on the left side was related to my knee problems, so I have pretty much just tolerated the pain and figured it was something I was just going to have to live with....you know, arthritis.  Ugh, growing old can be a pain...lol! 

But when the pain started to affect me clear down the back side of my left leg, I decided that maybe it was a little more than I thought.  So, at my annual check-up with my regular family doctor, I mentioned the pain and he said it sounded like a nerve problem and sent me for an MRI.  This resulted in a diagnosis of spinal stenosis and he sent me to Dr. Chambers.

Dr. Chambers did his own xrays and along with the MRI, he has told me that I have a bone spur/sciatica that is causing the pain and he has given me some anti-inflammatory medicine, plus he is referring me to Dr. Whitworth for a spinal injection.  I will go for this injection next Tuesday.  

Now, a spinal injection sounds creepy to me, so I've been reading up on it and it appears it's really quite common.  I've never really had anything done to my spine.  My sister has had injections, though, and I've learned they were for the same thing.  She has assured me that it won't hurt and he has told me I'll be sedated.  How bad can it be...right?  When I think of all that I've been through, I figure I've "got" this one.  And if this will take away the pain I've been tolerating on a daily basis, it will be worth it!  One of the bad things about having a high tolerance for pain is that you sometimes put up with pain longer than you have to!  So, I'm happy to find out a diagnosis for my pain (and to know it's not just in my head) and will be happy if this injection takes it away for awhile.  He has told me it can take it away completely for some people....or I may have to actually have surgery to remove the bone spur.  So, I'll try this and will go back to Dr. Chambers in 4 weeks to assess how well it's worked or if surgery is needed.  I'm staying positive that this injection will work!  It's actually a steroid injection, so knowing that sterioids can cause weight gain, I'm hoping this is the only one I'll need!  If I can get myself to be more mobile again without the pain.....I just might start training for a 5K!  That would be a dream of mine!  :=)

Speaking of dreams.....I just met another dream of mine!  After my Thirty-One business dying a slow death in December and January, I went to a Retreat in Tennessee for training and motivation.  I came back home all gung-ho to get my business jump-started again.   It was like starting all over, trying to find hostesses to have a party for me.  My business was going great when I got cancer and I had to put it aside while I went through the treatments.  I didn't know if I could get it started up again, but I came back all motivated to give it a try!  I also set a goal to promote to a Director by the Convention, which is in August.  A lofty goal, but I was going to shoot for it!  Little did I know that I would meet the goal in February to be a Director in Qualifications!!!!  That means if I meet these same sales requirements and recruiting requirements in March, I am a Director!  I am so excited and it totally took me by surprise that it could even be a possiblity my first month back in action.  I worked really hard for it this month and feel so good about it.  This is one reason I joined this company...I felt it was a young company and I'd be getting on the "ground floor" where I could have the opportunity to promote up the ladder!  Wish me success and hey, if you want anything or want to have a party, let me know!  :=)  Or, if you want to know more about the opportunity to have your own business, I'd be happy to talk with you.  Ok, commercial over...lol!

I just look at this as something cancer was NOT able to take away from me!  I feel like it's a victory against cancer!  I am also back to substitute teaching, which I feel is another victory against cancer!  I just feel like I'm getting my life back!

By the time all of these doctors are done, I'll be a "new woman"!  Hopefully I will soon be pain free....I've lost weight....got a new hairdo.....got off of the cpap machine and the oxygen at night.....have more energy......have no evidence of cancer......and I feel relatively good!  What else could I ask for?   I give thanks to God for all He has done for me.

No other news at this time!  Just wanted to update you all that I'm doing well!  Oh, I did forget to mention that I have a Relay For Life team and am looking for fundraising ideas.  So, if you have any, throw them my way, ok?  I'm thinking a pink flamingo fundraiser sounds like fun!  :=)

  Until next time, take care of yourself and get those mammograms!   If there are any breast cancer survivors (if you just got diagnosed or are still in treatment, or been cancer free for years!) in the Seymour/Columbus, Indiana area, we are starting up a Breast Cancer Support group and will have our first meeting next Thursday.  Just email me for details if you are interested!  We would love to have you join us!

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