But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Friday, February 3, 2012


Wow, it's February already!  We've certainly had a mild winter...so far!  It's been great weather here in Indiana this week for all of the Super Bowl activities!  We only live 50 mile south of Indianapolis and I'm thinking Larry and I need to go check out the Super Bowl Village tomorrow!  I'm hearing of lots of star sightings....Brad Pitt, Johnny Dep, John Travolta, Madonna....I've even "heard" the hotel they are staying at.  lol....rumors everywhere!

Today I have been achy all day.  I have days like that...but not every day, thankfully.  I am assuming it is from the Arimidex that I'm taking to keep the cancer at bay.  It's the price I pay, I guess.  I'm not like this every day, thank goodness!  I just haven't felt much like doing anything all day.  My shoulders ache...my arms ache...my legs ache.  Ugh!  I can handle it though!  :=)

Next week I will be going to get an MRI on my spine.  This is not cancer related!  I went for my annual check-up with my primary doctor this week.  I have had a pain in my leg now for several years that just isn't getting any better.  It's not only my leg...it goes from my bottom down my leg and sometimes it's so bad I can't go to sleep at night.  He believes it may be a nerve, so he's ordered an MRI to see what it is so he knows what to do to give me some relief.  He has also ordered a Bone Density Test the same day, which is good!  With chemo and now this Arimidex (which is hard on my bones), I am glad to get this test done.  All of my blood work came back great....sugar, chloresterol, liver, kidneys...all good!  But, remember I asked him to test my Vitamin D?  Well, I'm sure glad I asked for that, as it was really low and he's got me taking a Calcium +Vit. D tablet 3 times a day now.  I want to do anything to help my bones, because that is a big factor with the Arimidex!  Other than these aches and pains and vitamin D deficiancy, I am doing great!!!!

Not only am I doing great....but, I found out that I can fit into a size 12 jeans!  Yes, I said a size 12!!!!!!  I know...I can't believe it either!  Look....here they are...lol!
Now, I went from an 18/20 to a 16 and was very happy about that.  But, I never would have imagined even trying on a size 12!  But, my dear sister was following me one day when I had my size 16 Jeggins on (skinny jeans) and remarked that they were baggy in my butt (lol) and suggested that I needed a smaller size.  I was like....huh uh, I can't wear a smaller size!  I was happy to just be in a 16!  Then JC Penneys did re-marks on their pricing (yeah, I hate that commercial too...I didn't even understand it at first because I didn't know anything about the new CEO, etc.), so Sheila and I went to see what all of the hullabaloo was about.  Well, I found two jeans....both Gloria Vanderbilt.  One was a dark green color and a size 14, so I thought...ok, I'll try it, not really thinking I'd get them buttoned, even if I did manage to get them up over my rear.  They fit...they fit....oh my, I was doing a happy dance!!!!  On top of that, they were only $8!!!  Then there was this burgandy pair, size 12 and I thought...NO WAY!  But, I tried them on for fun anyway...you just never know, right?  Omigosh, I got them up and buttoned too!!!!  I was happy dancing all over that store..lol!  I mean, a size 20 down to a 12?.....never in my wildest dreams!  Now, they are tighter around my waist, which means I have more of a muffin top, so I'll have to be picky what tops I wear with them.  BUT, I CAN WEAR THEM!!!!  I can even SIT DOWN in them!!!  WHOOOhoooooo!  Now all I need to do is lose this darned muffin top!  I haven't really lost more weight but am staying stable.  I guess I was just too scared to try on a smaller size before!  lol!

I had a great time in Kentucky and Nashville, TN last week, but must admit that when I came home on Sunday evening, I was totally wiped out!  It has taken me all week to recuperate...lol!  I'm still not a bundle of energy anyway, so it's easy to wear me out.  But, it was so worth it!  I went for training for both of my businesses and learned some great things and got motivated and inspired!  I am so ready to get my businesses going again after having to shelve them while I went through treatments and surgeries!  But, I'm ready to charge ahead now!!!  It is great to have a Scentsy buddy and a Thirty One buddy to do these events with!

Just thought I'd share some pics of my travels with you!
The long and winding road in Monticello, Ky.....leading to a.....

This is my good friend, Linda Morrow, and when we found out the Scentsy Spring Sprint was in Lexington, Ky, she asked if I'd mind going down a couple of days early to see her family down there.  So, we went to Monticello and hung around for a couple of nights and she took me up to show me the family cemetery.  I had a good time meeting her family and seeing where Linda's roots and fond memories are.

Linda and some of her Kentucky relatives.  Good people!

And then look what was there at that cemetery!  It reminded me of my grandma and grandpa's house in Missouri!

And you know me by now...I am always looking for an unusual photo op...lol!  Here Linda is trying to push me over in the outhouse!  Shame Linda...shame!  :=)

Then she wanted to show me the doughboy in downtown Monticello.  Now, I don't know what YOU think of when someone tells you they want to show you the doughboy downtown, but I instantly had visions of a giant Pillsbury Doughboy and was wondering why...lol!  I mentioned it to Linda and she about died laughing.  It had nothing to do with Pillsbury! 

It's a statue honoring the doughboys of WWI.  Hey, history was never a strong subject for me in school!  lol!  I like it NOW, but hated it then!  Linda did confess to me that I wasn't the only friend of her's (Hi Karen!) who had visions of that rolly polly doughboy when she mentioned it. 

And look at this awesome diner downtown.....

I so wanted to eat here....unfortunately it was closed up....guessing it was a victim of the economy....  :=(

I looked inside to see if maybe the Fonz was there...but, no one was.  Boohoo!  What a cute little diner!

Tuesday it was time to head to Lexington for our Scentsy event, but we managed one more stop....we stopped at the Somerset, Ky Cracker Barrel to meet up with a facebook/crafting friend, Terri Shepherd, for lunch.  Linda had met her before, but I had never met her in person, so that was a treat!

And lo and behold, we met someone I knew from Seymour there!
She was a waitress there!  April used to live in my hometown, Seymour, and worked at the Cracker Barrel here and waited on me many times in Seymour.  I knew she had moved to Kentucky, but didn't realize we were going to be in her neck of the woods and didn't realize when we made arrangements with Terri to meet at the Cracker Barrel, that it was the same one that April worked at!  It really IS a small world!

After a couple of evenings in Monticello, we headed to Lexington (horse country) and met up with our upline from West Virginia, Kim Arthur and checked into our hotel...

The next day we headed off to our Scentsy Spring Spring!

After Linda getting a winning ticket in her box for a whole box of Scentsy samplers, and our training...we headed to find some place to eat....

Now, Kimberly had researched all of the eating/shopping places ahead of time and had an agenda of where she wanted to go...so, an hour later, we ended up at this really cool restaurant....
The Mellow Mushroom...yes, it is what it sounds like...a hippie themed joint...lol!

Being a 60's flower child, I loved this place!  :=)

Now, how awesome is that?  You 60's children know what I'm talking about.  lol!

And how could I possibly miss out on this photo op with this cool tree in the restaurant?  It was calling my name.  lol!  Peace man!

And then the bathrooms...


It doesn't take much to make me smile.  lol!

Oh, and the food???....

It was awesomely delicious!  :=)  Mmmmmm.....makes me hungry to just look at it!

Have you ever been to Lexington, KY?  It is the Horse Capital of the World...yes, the world!  And there are beautifully painted horses all over the place, inside and outside of buildings!  This particular one was in front of Texas Roadhouse, where we ate one night.

This one was actually inside of a building on a top floor. 
These horses just fascinated me!

Signs fascinate me too, when I travel.  I keep my camera handy for anything of interest to share with you all!
This sign was in Monticello and I just loved it...it was huge!

And we saw these signs travelling down the highway in Ky.  His word shall not return void!  :=)

On the road again.....
Come back tomorrow so I can share my pictures with you from Nashville, TN...another beautiful place in our grand country!  I didn't want to overwhelm you with too many pictures in one day!

Until next time....plan a trip...even a mini trip to a closeby location...and see what's out your backdoor!  I am learning to really appreciate this beautiful country of our's and the people I meet along the way! 
Hugs, Cindy


  1. It is a small world! How amazing how Godbrings people together!!
    We just happened to pass the mellow mushroom and stopped after the spring sprint...SO GOOD!!!

    Looks like you had a blast!!!

    1. Tristan, I believe that God has His reasons to bring His people together! I am so happy I met you and Brittany in Ky!

  2. Wonderful! Your right it did make me smile. Thanks!