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Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have my serious moments and then I have my not so serious moments...LOL!  During my serious times, I usually have a burden to spread a message.  During my not so serious times, I like to have a few laughs!  Today, I am going to finally share our trip to French Lick, and you can surely join in at laughing at us!

First up for a laugh is my dear "red neck" husband, Larry!  I had left on a Thursday to go down to my sister's house in Evansville (Larry had to work) and Larry was going to come and pick me up on Saturday after the Komen Race.  I left with my really cool Thirty One Rolling Tote all packed with my clothes for a few days.  I didn't pack for Larry (I know...shame on me...bad wife, bad wife), so he was left to pack for himself.  He only needed a few things....for one night.  Well, here's how he packed!  LOL!

Now, you know you are married to a "red neck" when he shows up with his clothes packed in a clear ziploc bag!!!  LOL!  And keep in mind that I sell Thirty One Bags, so there are tons of bags all over the house that he could have used.  That's Larry for ya.....and I know you guys who know him are laughing right now and saying "that's Larry!".  LOL!

After leaving Pam's house, we drove half way home and stopped overnight at French Lick, IN.  Have you heard of it?  We had never been there, so it was a treat to check it out and we discovered it's only about an hour from home!  We stayed at the Splashin' Adventure Hotel....way up on a hill.  As we entered French Lick, we noticed a BIG building way up on top of a BIG hill and I jokingly told Larry that was our hotel.  LOL...it did end up being our hotel!
It is an awesome hotel with a fantastic indoor water park!  We didn't do the water park, but had fun checking it out and want to go back....and we'd love to be able to take our grandkids back with us!  They would so love this!!!

There are slides everywhere that you can tube down and some of the larger slides even wind outside and back in!  The water isn't deep and there's lots of areas for smaller children.  It was great!  We are going back once I get my surgeries out of the way and healed up!  And I am going tubing down those slides!  One thing cancer has taught me is to let the "kid" in me out!

The next day before we headed home, we had to check out the French Lick Resort....where the casino is!  Wow, fancy wansy! 
Isn't that beautiful!

The porch is lined with rocking chairs!  We stayed at the cheaper hotel and then went over and acted like we stayed at the fancier, expensive one...LOL!  Hey, Larry's "luggage" would NOT fit the decor of this place!  :=)

Hey, we are so NOT gamblers, but we were there.....so we had to check it out!  We were like "dumb and dumber" when it came to gambling.  LOL!  We sat down at some "nickel" slot machines....lol...such big spenders!  Hey, we don't have money to throw away!  We started to put a nickel in and couldn't find a slot for it.  LOL...we realized it took dollar bills, so we had to play 20 times!  Hey, I told you we were "dumb and dumber"...LOL! 

After putting the money in, we sat there trying to figure out what to do next!  People all around us were "going to town" with their slot machines and here was me and Larry looking at each other and asking..."now what do we do"?  :=) 

Larry finally figured it out (yes, he's the dumb....I was the dumber...lol).  Actually, I found a button that I could push and do the same thing, but Larry thought the handle thingy was more fun!

This is NOT a good pic of me and I almost didn't show it...but....oh well!  Now, when Larry's taking the picture, I'll never get a good pic because he can't hold the camera still.  So, it will always be blurry!  So I'll blame him!  Man, we played a long time on those dollar bills.  We just kept winning little increments, so got more than our 20 turns and I even got up to $3.20 on my dollar....but I played it all and lost it all...lol!

Then we headed out back....what's out back, you ask?  Wait til I show you!....something real special!

First we ran across this rock with a plaque that I thought was interesting.  French Lick is a real historical place.  I like learning the history of a place and imagining living in "those times".

And there it is.....Pluto Springs!  The water of the "sulphur spring" is said to have healing power and was even bottled and sold.  Here's some great history on it!

I wish you could smell this thru your computer screen!  It STINKS!!!  Have you ever smelled sulphur?  It was so strong we couldn't stick around too long!

LOL!  I bet it is, judging by the smell of it!

One last stop before heading home.  This is the West Baden Resort just down the road.  It is my understanding that this was the original resort and it sports a domed atrium.  History on it can be found here.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Baden_Springs_Hotel

It was another beautiful resort, but we didn't get out and go in it this time.  We were both tired and ready to head home.  But, we'll for sure check it out the next visit!  It was rainy that weekend and I think we would have done more if it had been beautiful and dry!

Until next time.....be sure to check out what might be in your own "neighborhood"!  We never realized how close this was to us!  Sometimes we miss what's right under our noses.  I hope you enjoyed our little "trip". 

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