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Monday, October 10, 2011


That's what the Columbus Republic calls this special edition of their newspaper that runs in October.  It's hard to tell in this photo, but the entire issue is pink....pretty cool!
This is the newspaper that Sheila and I were interviewed for (I spoke of it earlier on my blog) and the photographer came down to get photos of us.  It came out last Friday, so I went to the store around the corner from me and bought all 9 copies they had left.  LOL...hey, I got them to share with family and friends.  I only needed ONE for myself. 

As I looked through the issue to find our photos and article, I came to the realization that we weren't in there!  Now, I'm human and will admit that I was terribly dissappointed.  But, I was also confused.  After contacting the reporter who interviewed us, I learned that they chose 4 stories to appear in their newspaper every Friday in October, so we'll have to wait......that's ok.  I just was confused and dissappointed, as I want to use every chance I can get to help bring awareness to this disease.  In the bigger picture, it isn't about me and Sheila....it is about helping other women become aware and educated. 

I'm not sorry I bought all 9 of those papers because now I can still share them with my friends and family!  It is an awesome paper with story after story about the survivors and their families.  I thoroughly enjoyed each story and one really hit home to why I am so passionate about spreading the word.  One was a man who didn't know he could get breast cancer...until he read about another man featured in last year's Pink Purpose issue.   He, himself, had been dealing with a lump that was sore and that story prompted him to go to the doctor and he learned he had cancer....and now this year he was telling HIS story.  Unfortunately, the man who was featured last year passed away just a couple of weeks before this issue and I couldn't help hoping that he knew he had inspired another one with his story and helped save his life.  That's what makes "our journeys" worth it.....that's why survivors share "their stories"....if we can reach even just one person and it saves their lives or makes their battle any easier, then our own battles have a greater "purpose" than ourselves.  Cancer changes your life and your way of thinking.  And it makes you want to reach out to others to help them on their own journeys.

I went to my neurologist later in the day (for my sleep apnea....another gift I got diagnosed with last year) and he said he thought of me that morning when he saw the pink newspaper.  It was so nice to know that others are thinking of you and it made me feel good that he didn't just think of me as a a "patient" but as a "person".  Even something like that can be an encouragement.  The greatest thing in this journey has been the way people have treated me and cared, even those who don't know me well, like my family and friends...even strangers!  It just shows you that you are not alone in this fight and feels good that others care and think about you.

A BIG thank you goes out to the Columbus Republic for helping bring awareness with their special issue and for supporting the cause.  Even though the stories are about breast cancer.....I believe people with any cancer can relate to them.  Sheila and I are still looking forward to "our story" being published and will keep watching every Friday in October.....but I have to say that the Pink Purpose issue was awesome without us!  :=)  Keep up the good work Republic!  And thanks Andrea (our reporter) and Alton (our photographer)!

So, have you noticed my hair and how much it's been growing?  Well, I decided it was time to get a hair cut!!!  :=)
So, there's this new salon in town (owned by an acquaintance) and I stopped in for a cut!

She's just evening it up!  :=)

There....done!  What do you think? She didn't cut much....ok, I'll admit it, she didn't cut any.  LOL!

Here's the rest of the story (as Mickey Rooney would say).  I was at the Oktoberfest and called Sheila to see where she was.   She and Denver were downtown too and she told me that they ran into a man we know and he invited them in to see his wife's new beauty salon.  So, when I got there, his wife, who did not realize I knew Sheila and Denver, was working.  Now I'm a little bit of a practical joker (in case you haven't picked up on that by now) and I walked up to her and asked if she had any openings and if I could get a quick hair cut.  The look on her face was priceless....I could just see the wheels in her head turning and trying to figure out what kind of hair cut she could give me, considering I didn't have much hair to begin with.  Sheila, Denver, and her husband were all just standing back quietly laughing.  She was a good sport about it all, so I asked Sheila to snap our posed pics of her "cutting" my hair.

Oh, and there was a man next to me who wanted his pic taken too...LOL!  So, here it is!   I forgot his name though.

Until next time.....look for the humor in things and it will keep your mood light and positive!  Oh, and don't forget to watch "Five" on Lifetime tonight!  Go set your DVR right now in case you forget!  :=)

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