But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Saturday, January 7, 2012



Well, today I did it....I did my speech at the Jennings County Relay for Life Kick Off Breakfast!  When Ralph Cooley called me about a month ago and asked me to do this, I knew God was giving me another opportunity and I knew I could not say no....even though I am soooo NOT a public speaker!  God sure does have a sense of humor!  :=)

Before our presentation, we enjoyed a great breakfast!
My sister, Sheila, and my good friend, Martha went with me.
Sheila had agreed that she would help me out and share her story also.  Martha went along for moral support and to be my videographer, so thanks to her, it has been captured on video so I can share it with you!

I had printed out my "year in review" collages and laid them out to show my journey so people could see how far I had come and that there is always hope through the journey.

I also took along our news article to share with them.

Sheila showing off the picture of me and Ralph comparing our bald heads at the Relay last year. 

Yes, I have the gift of gab.....even in my hands...lol!

Just as I do when I sing, I have a strange talking face too.  lol!
I tried not to read my whole speech, but did use an outline to stay on track.  Sheila and I did ad lib a lot though. 

Sheila and I fed off of each other like "Laurel and Hardy"!
Having her do this with me made it so much easier!

This is Ralph, who asked us to come speak.  He has become very dear to us since meeting him at the Relay last year.  He has a gusto for life and lost his life partner to cancer in December 2010.  I am so inspired by how much he lives at the age of 69!  We all should strive to live such a fulfilling life! 

We were so honored to meet other survivors, such as Beverly, who is a five year breast cancer survivor.  She graciously presented Sheila and I with a beautiful bracelet that she makes for other survivors.  I will wear it with warm memories. 

Kathy works with the American Cancer Society.

We were so blessed by everyone today.
They were so warm and welcoming.....

Now why can't I have a cute little smile like this when I talk or sing???

At the end of our speech, Ralph presented us with a vase of beautiful pink roses.  How sweet!
Sheila and I both felt so blessed and honored to be there and give thanks for the opportunity.  My prayer is that something we shared encouraged someone or touched them in some way.  We appreciated the feedback we got and it was an encouragement to us. 
The warm reception put us at ease and we felt like we were among friends....thank you for that!  We look forward to joining you again  for the Relay in May!

Here are the videos of our speech, if you are interested in them.
I'm sorry they turned out blurry....I have no idea why.  But, maybe you can at least hear them although they are not very loud either.  Listen closely because I have a tendency to talk fast...lol!  Now that I have put my first videos on my blog, I may have to surprise you with some more in the future!  :=)


VIDEO 3 (CORRECTION: The afghan came from a lady in VA, Not PA)

Until next time.....tell God to use your life and see what happens.  But, be prepared to say YES!!!  He may (and probably will) take you out of your comfort zone!  :=)

PS...A special thanks to Ralph for providing me with these great pictures!

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