But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Monday, August 29, 2011


Today I went to Dr. Jackson's office and got my final drain out!  Yay!!!!  Anyone who has been through this will understand my excitement and even those who have never experienced drains hanging out of their body could probably understand my excitement too.  I didn't feel a thing when this drain was removed....last week it briefly stung when the other one was removed.  So, today was easy peasy!!!  :=)

I asked if it was "normal" to still be so tired and was told....YES, YOU HAD A VERY BIG SURGERY AND YOU ARE STILL HEALING.  DON'T PUSH YOURSELF!   Having had 3 major surgeries (abdominal) before this, I wasn't too worried because I know how surgery can totally wipe you out.  But I had loved ones worrying, so I wanted to ask to put their minds at ease.  I do things.....movies, out to eat, scooping the loop (http://www.tribtown.com/news/night-31583-saturday-joyce.html?fb_comment_id=fbc_5006886947830_786329_5006889937830)....but come home totally wiped out!  It just doesn't take much to wipe me out....even a trip to the doctor.  She said she thought I was doing great!

I did find out that my exchange surgery in December will involve cutting through the same incisions that are healing now.  OUCH!!!  Man, I'll just get the incisions healed to cut into them again!  I always tell them they can do anything to me as long as they knock me out.  LOL!  Actually, this will be a good thing because they can clean up the incision that split open, so that way the scar will look better.

I had my sister, Sheila, to take some photos (nude) of me today, as I want to keep visual track of the progress.  She's scared to death that I'm going to put them on my blog...LOL!  Uh, no....I don't think I want to do that!  These photos are just for my own personal visuals.  Like I said before, they aren't so pretty right now.  I swear, I looked at pics online of people as they were "filled" and they didn't look like THIS!  There's no way I'd show you all...LOL!  But, if you know Sheila and talk to her....be sure to mention to her that you saw the nude pics on my blog...LOL!

This Thursday a reporter from the Columbus Republic will be coming to interview me and Sheila for a feature article they will be publishing in October for Breast Cancer month.  I'll try not to say anything stupid...LOL!  The reporter asked me if she could bring a photographer and I said sure!  Now, hair or no hair for the paper.  LOL!  Actually, I have hair, but still have the "bald look" going on.  Sheila could represent the "hair grown back look", while I can represent the "hair just starting to grow back look".  :=)

I got the Arimidex filled (the 5 year pill to fight reoccurence) and am ready to start on it now.  I'm praying the hot flashes and achy bones won't be too bad....or other side affects.

I'm still pretty uncomfortable because that muscle is expanding and is so tight across my chest and under my arms.
But, I guess when I consider what my body has been through since April....biopsies, 2 surgeries, chemo, and now reconstruction.....I'm not doing too badly.  This all shall pass and one day I will feel "normal" again (now I may not act "normal"....that would be too boring...LOL).  But I'm ready to feel "normal" again! 

Not much more to report today.....so, until next time....
Leave me a message....I love when I get messages!  :=)

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