But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, September 25, 2011


 I just had the greatest time in Evansville, Indiana with my sister, Pam.  She manages Chicos down there and had asked me to come down and talk with shoppers about Breast Cancer Awareness.  I was honored to do so and thank God for the opportunity.  It was a wonderful experience and I met and talked with many women and got the opportunity to spread the message of mammograms and early detection.

These are Pam's employees and they were so warm and friendly to Linda and me.  Oh, I forgot to mention that my good buddy, Linda Morrow, drove me down there.  It's about a 3 hour drive and I had never driven it before and just wasn't real sure about driving it alone.  So, she graciously drove me down and I told her on the way we were going to receive blessings down there...and we sure did!

When we met Toby, one of Pam's employees, and got the chance to talk with her, we were both blesssed and connected with her.  Linda especially connected with her when she told us she had lost her 22 year old son, Lewis, just last year.  Linda lost her 13 year old grandson, JJ, last year also and they connected on a level of knowing the pain of losing a child.  Linda was able to share her necklace that has JJ's thumbprint and to let her know she may able to get one with Lewis' thumbprint.  God works in such amazing ways and is always a step ahead of you.  Linda was right where God wanted her!  I was so happy to see the connection they had and know how very much Linda was blessed by meeting Toby.  I don't call things like this  "coincidence".....there's no doubt they are a "God thing".

This is Toby...she graciously loaned me some of her hair.  LOL!  What a sweetheart she is.  I even found out she does Stampin Up!  Imagine my surprise on Saturday when I asked if she had big plans for the night and she said, "No, you won't believe this, but I'm just going home and make cards".  I'm like..."WHAT????  What kind of cards?" and she proceeded to tell me she does Stampin' Up!   No way!!!  She had no idea I was a Stampin' Up Demonstrator and I had no idea she was into Stampin' Up too!

This is my sister, Pam, who was very busy all day.  As a matter of fact, all of the girls were busy, busy, busy.  They had non-stop customers, so we mostly tried to stay out of their way.  It's a very busy store!

Deaconess Hospital had given Pam some giveaways (mints, ink pens, magnets, pamphlets) to display and give away and that was mine and Linda's job.  And the customers were very receptive to us and as it ususally turns out, everyone you speak with has been touched by breast cancer, whether it be a family member or a friend. 

And, I met this sweet lady....a 3 time survivor.  She is fighting cancer for the 3rd time now and had such a fighting spirit about her.  I honestly cannot imagine going down that road 3 times and hope I never have to face that.  But, if I do, I hope I can keep my "fight" alive like this woman has.

I was able to sit at the front door with the display of items from Deaconess Hospital and talk with the customers as they came in or left the store.  It worked out great and Pam had the table set up beautifully with a black cloth and mirrors.

The Deaconess Hospital had a theme going on.....BREAST CANCER IS FOR THE BIRDS!  I soooo agree!  And this is what I'd like to do with cancer....strangle it!  LOL! 

Ok, I was nice to it.  LOL!  Actually, I would have loved to bring this cute little bird home with me.  And, Sharon, if you are reading this I thought of YOU and how wonderful she'd look in your pink office!  :=)  But, alas, I had to leave her behind.

Wow, how cool are these shoes?  One of the gals working at Chicos was wearing them!  I think I NEED some of these...lol!

Actually, I got the chance to look around Chicos and what I loved best about it was the sizing!  Can you believe it!!!  I am down to a size 2!  This is my kind of store!!!  :=)  When I see those commercials on tv showing women saying "I lost 50 lbs and now wear a size 2", I am always screaming "Liar"...LOL!  I owe them an apology.  I now realize they must be shopping at Chicos!

And what do you think about this bling?  LOL...actually, these were on our display table and I think they are for scarves.  Ok, how about these earrings?  :=)
No, they aren't actually earrings.  But, you give me and Linda some "downtime" and a camera and you just never know what you'll get.  LOL!

Speaking of downtime and a camera...LOL!  Pam finally got some
"downtime" at the end of her shift and I wanted to get a pic with her.  So, here we are!  She hadn't seen me since my surgery in July and hadn't seen my reconstruction yet....so she had to check it out.  LOL!  If you know me and Pam....you understand!  :=)

We have a "prim and proper" side too.  LOL!

Thank you, Pam and Chicos employees for inviting us and welcoming us into your store to help spread Breast Cancer Awareness.  I've asked God for opportunites to help educate and encourage other women and He keeps giving them to me.  I have found if you are a willing vessel....God will use you and open doors of opportunity.  He is so awesome that way and blesses me so much on this journey.

I spent the night at Pam's Thursday and Friday nights and then on Saturday moring we woke up and headed off to the Komen Race for the Cure in downtown Evansville.
I will be posting about that experience tomorrow, complete with pics, so be sure to come back and visit tomorrow.  It was my first Komen Race and in spite of the rain, we had a fantastic time.  I can't wait to share it with you, but didn't want to overwhelm you in one post.  See you tomorrow!  :=)

Until next time......ask God for opportunies to be used and receive many blessings in the process! 

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  1. Cindy, I am so glad that I didn't let my fears keep me from taking this trip with you!!!! I would love to go back and visit with these wonderful ladies.!!!!!
    God blessed me with a safe and uneventful trip home and I was indeed thankful for that. God is so good to us!!!!