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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just another quickie update as I just got a phone call from Dr. Zusan's office.  My pathology reports are back and showed that there was still some residual cancer left in my left breast, even after my chemo.  That is a little worrisome to me, but I will probably feel better about it after my appointment with Dr. Zusan on August 8 where I'll be able to ask her questions.  I don't know if this is unusual or not. 

Just to clarify....this residual cancer was removed when the masectomy was done.  So, even though the chemo had not killed it all, it did shrink it and Dr. Zusan was able to remove it all and get clear margins. 

The surgeon’s goal during surgery is to take out all of the breast cancer along with rim of normal tissue around it. This is to be sure that all of the cancer has been removed. During or after surgery, a pathologist examines this rim of tissue — called the surgical margin or margin of resection — to be sure it’s clear of any cancer cells.

So, the residual cancer was removed and the tissue surrounding the tumor was "clear", meaning it was free of cancer cells.  That's a very good thing!  I am sorry I may have confused some of you about the residual cancer....it was all removed.

The tumor did shrink about 1 cm though, so that's good.  And the really good news is that she got "clean margins", which means she was able to get all of the cancer out.  So I don't think I have anything to worry about.  I do wonder, though, if more chemo will be necessary.  I'll know more after I visit with her.

My right breast did not show any cancer at all.  I know some would wonder why I would remove it too, since there was no cancer in it.  I removed it because I felt it would give me the best chance that it would not re-occur in that breast.  I am at "high risk" since my mom and sister both have had breast cancer and now myself.....plus I've just had too many problems with my own breasts since last year.  So I feel it was the best decision for me and don't regret it.

Until next time....please go get your mammogram!

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