But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Nothing much new today, but thought I'd give you a short update.  I'm tired today, but feeling much, much better than I did!  I can take "tired".....it's different than weak!  I had a great time at the convention and I believe God used it to minister to me.....but it's always good to be home. 

Tomorrow I have to go to Community Hospital up in Greenwood to get prepared for my surgery.  It's coming up really fast....a week from Tuesday!  I'm kind of dreading it on one hand, but on the other hand, I'm ready to get it over with.  Tomorrow I will be getting an EKG, chest xray and blood work done in preparation for the surgery.  When I was feeling so bad I was worried that I may not be strong enough for surgery, but I feel much better about that now. 

Now that I have my chemo over, I've been thinking about my hair coming back and wondering how long it will take!  :=)  And....what color it will be (will it be gray?  LOL)....and will it be straight or curly?  I am just so thankful to have the chemo done and hope nothing changes that!  I have to go up to the chemo doctor's office on Wednesday to get my port flushed.  I will have to have it flushed once a month as long as I have it and I'm not sure how long I'll have it.  They sometimes leave them in quite long....even years!  My sister still has her's from last year.  I won't mind a visit to the chemo doctor's office once a month though.....it will give a chance to see everyone and say "hi"!  When you go through this, the doctors and their staff become an important part of your life.

I'd like for you to meet one such person who became an important part of my life after being diagnosed.  This is Sharon, who works in the Breast Center with my surgeon.  She has been with me every step of the way....to encourage me and answer any of my questions.  I don't know what her official "title" is, but I refer to her as my "advocate".  She has been wonderful, even calling me at home and talking for at least an hour.  She is a bundle of "cheer" and always puts a smile on my face when I see her.  She's there to listen to me and any of my fears or questions and has meant so much to me.  Oh, and I have to show you her office!  It makes me smile!

I may just have to make myself one of these "pink Hope trees"!   Isn't it cute!  Sharon, you crack me up!  Sharon has had both breast cancer and thyroid cancer, so she knows what I'm going through.  She has blessed me by being there for me.  I know I can call her at any time and she'll be there for me.  Thank you so much Sharon! 

Like I said, not much new today.  Nothing much will be happening until my surgery next week, but I'll keep you updated. 

 I want to share a song with you.  This is one of the songs that the Praise Band played/sang at the Conference.  Imagine thousands of us singing this song in a Hockey Arena!  It was so awesome and God ministered to me right there in a Hocky arena!  He will meet you ANYWHERE!!!!  I hope you are blessed and ministered to as you listen to it.

Until next time....expect God to meet you right where you are!

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