But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I woke up today feeling "different".   I could tell right off the bat it is going to be a better day.  While I'm still tired and weak and am napping off and on.....the "stomach queeze" is easing up and I'm beginning to feel more lively in spurts.  I think I'm turning the corner!  It was also Day 8 after my first chemo that I turned the corner.  So, I expect each day after today to continue to improve.....then I go at it again on June 1.

I feel like God gave me a bonus day on Monday when I went to the "Look Good-Feel Better" program.  He gave me a good day to participate in that.  Every day after that I've felt crappy and laid around all day.  But, I knew it would pass.

I have wanted to update you on the "Look Good, Feel Better" program, but just hadn't felt like it until today.  It is a wonderful program and is nationwide.  You can read more about it here.

There were 3 of us cancer patients attending this particular day and I was blessed to meet and talk with these other young women gong through this journey too.  We are at different stages of our treatments, so it was good to ask questions of each other. 

Meet my new pals....Amy on the left and Carin on the right....... and I ask that you please lift both of them up in your prayers.  We have all vowed that we WILL beat this ugly disease.  These gals were younger than me....young enough to be my kids (in their thirties).  They have young children still at home, so they have challenges that I don't.  They were both beautiful young women with beautiful spirits and I was blessed to meet them.

And here were my two "angels" of the day.  Kandi (on the left) was my cosmetologist who gave me a makeover and Kim (on the right) is from my chemo doctor's office and is the one who told me about the program.  She has an adventurous side to her....she's the one who had me trying on red and blonde wigs.  LOL!  And I'm just an adventurous....I'd try on anything they wanted me to!  And this is the one they all said was "it"!

Who would have thought I could pull off being a blonde!  I have a confession.  When I was around 18, I had a blonde wig....I actually had several of different colors (Hmmm....I wonder whatever happened to them?).  There was a short period of time in the late 60's that it was "cool" to wear wigs, so I had fun with them!  I remember my dear mom telling me every time that I wore one that I looked good in any color.  It was just fun....didn't last long....but even then I was adventurous and my Mom was an encourager, telling me that each one looked good one me.  I remember her particularly liking the blonde one.  Fond memories.  But, as I got older, I didn't really think I could pull off the blonde any longer.  So, thanks Kim, for finding and suggesting this one!  Now I'm going to set out to see if blondes really do have more fun!  I'll let you all know!  :=)

This is another "angel" in my life...Linda Morrow.  Linda and I go way back when I worked at Fidelity Federal with her for a short time.  But, even though it was only a few months, we formed a lifelong bond.  Linda retired just last year......no coincidence, imo.  God knew I was going to need her this year.  She has been right by my side through so much of this.....at my first consultation where my cancer was explained to me, my first chemo treatment, and any time I've needed her.  And she was there with me the day of "Look Good, Feel Better".  She was my photographer....LOL!  Without her, we wouldn't have these awesome pictures!  I take my camera everywhere so I can document my journey in photos, as well as words.  Linda is such a blessing in my life.

Ok, I'm not a make-up-y kind of gal.  I should be....I look much better with make-up.  I think I'm just too lazy....LOL!
Each of us received a bag of make-up absolutely free!  Probably around $250 worth from different companies who have donated the make-up for the cause.  Isn't that awesome! 

So, Kandi got to work on me!  She was a sweetheart!

I have a large birthmark on my left cheek and there was some concealer in my bag of goodies and it covered it up wonderfully!

Cheeks done!

Now the eyes!

And the lips!
The place on my neck is from my surgery to put the port in.  Hopefully it will start to fade.

Ta dah!!!!  What do you think?  Kandi sure did work some magic, didn't she? 

Then they brought out the hats/wigs!
I already showed the different wigs a few days ago, so if you missed them, be sure to scroll down a couple of posts....you don't want to miss them!  LOL!

 Kandi showed us an awesome "trick" using a cut off t-shirt.

Doesn't that look cool?  Just from the bottom of a cut off t-shirt!  I loved it!

This knitted hat is my Colts blue hat they sent me home with.  I wear it alot around the house.  You find when you're bald that your head can get a little cool and it's just more comfortable to have something like this on, especially if someone comes to the door.  LOL!  I had some salesman come to the door yesterday and I went to the door totally bald.  I didn't feel good and I didn't care.  I got rid of him real fast.  LOL!

I tried this one on for my purple Seymour Owl hat....but it seemed to be a bit small.

Carin, Amy, Kandy (and Kim and Linda)....I hope you have made it to my blog so I can tell you how blessed I was by each of you that day.  I didn't know if I'd be able to sit through the day, but I wanted to come so badly.  I felt so "pampered" and think it just totally took away any of my nausea and weakness.....even if just for a day.  Monday was awesome....such a good day....and I owe it all to you guys and God!  Carin and Amy, even though I talk about being sick.....I want you to know that "it shall pass".  Hang in there and stay positive and if you need to nap....nap!  I will be praying for both of you and if either of you need to contact me for anything, please feel like you can.  I'm here for anything you need!

Until next time.....count your blessings in your life.



  2. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers Jane. I have you guys another stamp set, but just haven't felt like getting it ready to ship yet. I will.