But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yes he did!  And tonight was the night.  I gave my daughter, Erin, the honors of cutting my hair while my daughter, Jennifer, got the honors of being the photographer.  I debated on whether I'd post any of these photos on my blog, but knew I wanted them for my "personal album".  But, I've decided to show some of them on my blog, as this is all part of having cancer.  I want to take the "fear" out of cancer for anyone reading my blog and want to be "real" about my journey.  None of us know when or if we'll ever walk this road and if my blog can help anyone finding themselves in this place in the future....then I want it to be "real".  So, pictures you get! 

Even though it appears I had a lot of hair left, this is what I was dealing with all day long.  Actually, I had been dealing with it for 3 days now, but today was the worse, with my hair coming out in fistfuls like this.  It was all over me and I just decided I couldn't stand that any longer.

This is my hair before we began to cut it.  Although it looks like I still have a lot of hair, it is really quite thinner than it began.  I had a LOT of thick hair.

This was the back of my hair....still no bald spots....but you can see how the hair was falling out on my neck.  It would get all over my shirt and everywhere and was so annoying.  Give it another day it was probably going to be balding anyway.

My granddaughter, Jenna, wanted to "help", so she took the first cut.

Then her mommy (Erin) took over.  She had to cut my hair off first before using the hair clippers.  I did not want her to shave my head, as I had to be careful not to be nicked since I'd be prone to infection right now with my white blood cells so low.  So, I just wanted it to be real short so I wouldn't have to deal with the long hair falling out in clumps.  Now I'll just have to deal with the short hair falling out.

And then she styled it for me!  LOL!

  Once she got it cut short enough, then she started with the clippers.  The look on her face in this picture is priceless!  LOL!  I think she was a "little afraid" to do it.

Then she got real comfortable and did a great job!

Ta Da....here it is!  We were trying to decide who I looked like.  My sister Sheila did this last year and we took one look at her and said, "Oh my gosh, you're Dad"!  I'm not kidding....she was totally daddy!  Sheila and I looked alike when were younger but I think over the years I've changed to look like both mom and dad. 
And here I am with Larry....you know, they say couples start looking like each other.  LOL!  Well now we have similar haircuts.  Actually, I think HIS is longer than mine now!  He's white/grayer though!

Now, I figure if I have to deal with this anyway, I'm going to have "fun" with it.  I've always wanted an excuse to wear hats!

Well, I picked this hat up the other day so I can use it to sit out and block the sun off of me.  I think while I'm on chemo I'm not suppose to be out in direct sunlight.  So, this is my "sun hat"!  :=)

And here's my terry cloth pink turbin.  This will keep me warmer in air conditioning.  It's actually more of a "sleep turbin".  I'll show you something else I can do with this tomorrow...it cracks me up!  Wait 'til you see!

Now, I'm kinda liking this red "roaring 20's" turbin!  And with all of the "big flowers" being fashionable today, this is a fun look.

Same turbin....just turned the bow/flower to the back.

And here's my wig!  I just threw it on real fast...didn't brush and style it. 

You know, I think I'm ok with this.  My head actually feels great with the hair gone and the soreness is even going away.  It's so much cooler.  I know it will all be gone in a day or two.  This is something I can deal with.  Hair will come back and it's minor to killing this cancer.  So, I'll just have "fun" with the many hats/scarves/turbins I can wear and make the best of it!  So, expect to see more "looks"!  :=)

This chemo is killing my cancer.....I can deal with the side affects of it.  God has not promised that I will not have any "struggles" in life....but He did promise to be by my side through them.  And He's been delivering on His promise!  I couldn't do it without Him!

Until next time....Give thanks to God in everything!


  1. Cindy, your hair looks great short!! And so stylish with your turbins and hats! Love Erin's face in that one picture :)
    --- Katie Showalter Dunn

  2. I am so glad you posted pics! It will help other women face the unknown a lot easier. I think the short style is really cute! You may not want to go back to longer hair when it comes back in. Love you, Queen Diva Cindy!!! Diva Linda

  3. The turbins are a good idea since they will catch the short hair as it falls out and you won't have it creeping down your neck onto your clothes. Just the thought of that makes me itch! :-) (It was nice to see pictures of Erin.) Your wig looks really nice! Love you! ~ Brenda

  4. love your new do! even looks good without the hats. have great bone structure to even go bald if and when that happens. YOU ARE IN OUR HEARTS AND PRAYERS! XOXO