But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Philippians 4:19 (King James Version)
 19But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I have always believed that God has promised to provide our needs.  And I had to call on Him for a very specific need this past month and He provided in a way I never imagined!

Let me explain our dilemma.  Three years ago we leased a brand new Odyssey Van and the lease is up.  We had to decide what to do, but at this time things aren't so good financially.  At the same time I got my diagnosis, my husband's job was cut from 50 hours to 32 hours, due to the earthquake in Japan.  His place of employment is Toyota related; therefore the earthquake affected us financially even here in the USA.  And cancer can take a toll on your finances, even with insurance.....mainly at this time, gas and medicine.  So, we are dealing with less income and more expenses.  And at the same time our lease was coming up.  It just seemed like everything hit all at once.  We were just coming off of reduced hours at his job last year and trying to catch up from that when these new reduced hours hit again.  It can get pretty discouraging.  I have two businesses I run from home that help out, but with being sick I haven't been able to be very active with them right now.  So, let's just say things in that area haven't been "good" and it was just a bad time to have our lease on the van coming up.  And I need transportation more than ever now to make it to my doctor appointments that are an hour away.  I prayed and prayed about the Van.  We soooo wanted to be able to keep it....it only has 17,500 miles on it!  I prayed for a way to keep it and put it in to God's hands.  I told Him I'd accept His will and I knew He would provide us with our need of transportation.  And He came through.....just not in the way of the van.  We are giving the Van back next week, as it would be too hard right now to deal with the payments and just cause stress.  And God provided us with a "gift" from some very special people who allowed God to use them to bless us!

This is Danny and Karen Smith of Memphis, Indiana, who brought this car up to me and just GAVE it to me!  Here they are handing me the keys!  Can you believe it?  No one has ever given me a car in my life and I just can't get over their generosity.  Karen and I have been friends for years now when we met online.  They live an hour from here, so we've been able to get together for lunch, etc. over the years, so even though we met online, we've been together many times in person and have become good friends.  She knew of our lease coming up and she said God had laid it on her heart a couple of months ago to give us this car.  Once again God was one step ahead of me.  I am very humbled to accept this gift and know God will bless them both for their willingness to be used by Him.  I can't thank them enough....I just can't find the right words.  I won't lie...I WANTED to find a way to keep the van.  But, God hasn't promised to provide my WANTS....He promised to provide my NEEDS and He has done that.  This car will be dependable and capable of getting me around town and to my doctor appointments and that's all I need.  I totally accept this as God's Will in my life right now.  

So, how do I look in my new car?

There are so many "angels on earth" that have shown me so much love this year.  I spent the previous year feeling so unloved and now feel that this year God is showering me with love, even from total strangers.  God knows my heart and what I have been through and knows my needs, spiritually as well as material needs.  And He is providing and I thank Him and am humbled.  He is teaching me a lot on this journey and I feel like He's bringing me out of the "wilderness".  He is teaching me to trust Him even more than I did before!  He is also showing me that people are good.  Last year was a tough year for me and He knows that and He has brought me through that and is blessing me so much.  I ask that He use my journey to His glory! 

On another note....GOOD NEWS....Larry's job is picking back up in June and he should be back to his regular hours very soon!  Praise God for this blessing, as it was predicted it wouldn't be back up to speed until the Fall.  So, we are once again, very thankful.

I have much more to update you on....seems like I hadn't updated my blog in awhile  I get about 10 "good days" out of the whole month and even those days I am weak and tired.  So, it's been hard to catch up with things.  So, I have some other things to update you on, but will do that in a new post.  I just wanted this post to be a post of praise and thankfulness.

Until next time...may God bless you in your life today as you seek His will.  He knows your needs and will provide.....

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  1. Cindy, Your post gave me goose bumps even though I already knew about the gift. Your story continues to inspire me.
    God is very much alive!!
    Love you,
    Diva Linda