But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I keep telling you I'll be back to update everything, but it's been hard since I had my chemo last Wednesday.  This last chemo landed me on my butt for the most part!!!  I had a great day yesterday for the "Look Good, Feel Better" program and I am so thankful I got to go to it.  It was such a blessing!  But, today was back to feeling crappy....no "ooomph" and my stomach bothered me all day, but I didn't get sick.  So, I'll be thankful for that and know that "this too shall pass".  I remember I felt crappy for the first 8 days after my first chemo, so tomorrow is day 7.  I'm telling myself maybe I'll feel "human" again by the weekend!  Then I'll get a week and half before I have to do it again!  Two down....two to go!  Not wanting to be whiney.....just being "real". 

2nd Chemo Treatment
 I'm going to try to update you on everything I'm behind on tonight.  First off, my chemo last Wednesday.....  I got my second dose of A & C and that went well.  But, my blood has to be checked before I even know whether I'll get to get my chemo and instead of my white blood cells going UP....they went DOWN!  Arghhh!  They went from 1.1 to .9.  I was so dissappointed to think I might not be getting my chemo, but Dr. V said it was ok for me to get it.  Yay!!!  Then after I had my chemo, Dr. V came in and talked to me about how I'm doing.  The first words out of his mouth was "You are puny".  Uh....not what I wanted to hear.  LOL!  Then he proceeded to let me know that I'm not drinking enough fluids and ordered 1 liter of IV fluid to be given to me right then and there.  I was having problems with urinating and that was it.  Once I got the fluid in, I had no problem!  I was "in trouble" with Dr. V, but I feel like I'm drinking all day long.  It's so hard to pump in enough fluids, especially when nothing tastes good.  But, I must and I am asking God to help me with this one.  I do not want to damage my bladder.  So far so good.  I hated dissappointing Dr. V. 

Then the next day, Thursday, I had to return to Dr. V's office and get another liter of IV fluids and a shot for my white blood cells.  I have heard that this shot can make you achy, but I haven't really felt any affects from it.  I'm thankful for that.

Here are tbe two smiling faces that greet me every time I visit Dr, V's office.  Kim and Carmen (I hope I got your name right Carmen!...if I didn't, thump me the next time I come!)  These two just brighten my day every time I step into the office.  I feel like I'm gaining so many new friends (angels) on this journey.  Kim is the one who told me that day about the "Look Good, Feel Better" program that was coming up (thanks so much Kim!!!).

Relay for Life in Seymour, Indiana

My sister, Sheila, fought her breast cancer battle last year and is in remission and she's been a God-send to me.  We walked the "Survivor Lap" together Friday night at our local Relay for Life.

I was hoping to be able to make the lap and I did...then I sat out the next lap, which was the survivors and caregivers/family.  But I walked the third lap with my sister and other family members in memory of my mom and dad.  I was glad I was able to do these two laps.

There we are....sisters!!!!

OOPs.....what did we ever do without cell phones.  LOL!

Sheila's husband Denver joined her for her walk. 
My husband, Larry, joined me too...but somewhere along the line he found someone he knew and started visiting...LOL!  Believe me, women aren't the only talkers!

My husband, Larry ~ Me ~ my oldest daugther, Jen

Jen and her daddy......

Me and my "baby", Erin

My brother, Randy - Me- Randy's wife, Tina

Me and my sister, Kim

I was so happy to see my family there to support me and Sheila.  Thanks guys.....it was so much appreciated by both of us!

And here is my great friend, Martha, and her sister Doris (Doris is on the left...Martha on the right).  Love them both!  Martha and Doris are on a team, in honor of Martha's 21 year old daughter, Laura, who lost her battle with cancer 9 years ago.  She has always been there for me and I hope to always be there for her.  I believe God has brought us together.

And here's another good friend, Jane, who God put into my life years ago.  She is on the same team with Martha and Doris (Team Gold, I believe).  Her husband has beat cancer and remains cancer free to this day!  Jane and I don't get to see each other often, so I was so happy to see her there!  I can't blame her....with 7 grown kids and a whole bunch of grandkids (how many now Jane?), she is so busy with her family.  But we are never far from each other's hearts.

This tanker belongs to our local Farm Bureau.  Pretty neat, huh?

After the Survivor Walk I went home and laid down for a bit and then went back at 10 PM for the Luminary Lighting.

The luminaries stretched all the way around the track and it was an awesome sight.  They also released some doves, but I can't remember when....I'm thinking that may have been earlier in the evening.

Sheila and I will also be walking the Survivor Lap again in North Vernon, Indiana, this Saturday morning.  I met the coordinator of this Relay when she had a Thirty One party for me and she invited me to come and walk it.  She has been so sweet and supportive.  God has placed people in my life all along this journey, and Sharon Lee is one of those "angels" he's brought into my life.

My thanks to all of my family who came out Friday night to support me and Sheila.  You can't imagine how much it meant to us.  Love you all!

Ok, I'm too tired to finish my update of the "Look Good, Feel Great" program, so I'll be back with that update later.

Until Then.....I Praise God for His presence in my life.

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