But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I just have to tell you this!  Ever since I was diagnosed, God has put people in my path that I know HE has chosen just for this time.  It just strengthens my faith that He is in control! 

It's only been 10 days since I got the diagnosis and it sure seems like it's been longer than that!  As I go about my normal activities, I have had what I call "divine appointments" with people.  A few days ago I went to a clothing shop with my sister.  As I was looking through one of the racks, a very upbeat smiling sales clerk approached me with a very cheerful, "How are you doing today?"...(me) "fine"....and then (she), "Good!  I believe that any day that we can get up out of bed it is a good day!". What encouraging words and she had absolutely no idea what I was going through.  But, I grabbed onto those words as a direct message from God and I shared with her how much it meant to me and before you knew it, we were hugging and sharing our faith.  That's what I call a "divine appointment".  I believe God puts people in your path...it's not a coincidence.  What's makes this even "cooler" is that Sheila was in the other side of the store having her own "divine appointment" with another sales clerk.  When I went to find her, she was chatting with a sales clerk who had just beat thyroid cancer!  It's always so good to talk to survivors and be reaffirmed that cancer IS beatable today!  I have personally also had many "divine appointments" with survivors and it's just so encouraging.

Well, yesterday I feel like I had another one of those divine appointments, in the form of a Thirty One party.  Who would have though God would use a Thirty One party (it is a faith-based company though)!  :=)  Anyway, my girlfriend, Linda Morrow, had suggested that we form a team for Relay for Life.  I would love to, but the event is already in May, so it's really kind of short timing to get a team together, especially when I'll be going through so much medically right now.  Well, yesterday I had a Thirty One party in a neighboring town with someone I had only met once (at the party she booked at).  I had no idea she was a coordinator of a Relay for Life team in that town and she began to tell me about it.  And she had no idea I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I told her how much it means to me when I hear of people doing these things to help raise money for the research....because I am benefitting from this research!  Before I knew it, the room was filled with women who were involved in this event with her.  By the time I left, I felt so uplifted by these women who are out there caring enough to raise money for the cause and they gave me a Pink Ribbon patch I can sew onto a shirt/purse/bag and hugs and invited me to be on THEIR TEAM this year!  See why I say it was a "divine appointment"?  God knew I wanted to participate in the Relay for Life but did not have the time to get a team together, so He handed me a ready-made team.  Isn't He awesome!  And this will also give me the chance to see what it involves so I know what I'm doing when I start up a team for next year.  I am always just so excited when I see the work of God and it strengthens my faith even more.  God cares about every aspect of our lives....even an event such as this.  He's working out the details before I even know it!  I just think that is so awesome!

Have you had a "divine appointment" with God?  It isn't coincidence...it's God!  I truly believe that!

Until next time....have a blessed Sunday!


  1. God speaks to us in so many ways, and through other people when we least expect it. We couldn't ask for a better network of support! ♥♥

  2. I reconnected with a friend yesterday and she told me how inspiring my faith in God is about the loss of my grandson JJ. That was so uplifting to me! I have been truly blessed with so many people that have crossed my path in the last few months and that is "divine appointments". God is so good!!!