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Friday, April 29, 2011


I promised you pictures from our trip to the Wig Wam yesterday, so here you go!  This is where it all began...in front of the mirror!  You can see my support group behind me...my daughter Jennifer, my daughter, Erin (yes, they were part of that other support group) and my granddaughter, Jenna.

Let's get started!  At least I'll be getting rid of this gray coming in (no sense in dying it now!)

This lady was so sweet and helpful!  She followed the whole transaction up with a hug....I take all the hugs I can get!  :=)

Not bad.....lighter than my normal hair...but not bad.

Ok, this is more "my color".

What do you think?  Not bad....nah....it's going to be summer and I don't want it that long.  Jen asked "Mom, did you wear your hair that way when I was little?"  "Yep, I sure did....during the Captain and Tenille days"....And Erin said "Captain and Tenille????  Who's that?"  LOL...oh so long ago! (The place on my neck is part of the surgery I had last week....There is an incision there and this is where the port was started and goes down into my chest)

Ok, this one was winning reviews, but I couldn't handle one side longer than the other.  She said it could be cut to match.  Ok, not too bad then.  But, I'm not sure about those bangs...I think they'd drive me crazy.  I like the color though! 

Here's my Er-Bear!  Isn't she so pretty! We all thought she reminded us of one of her aunts!  If you know all of her aunts, can you guess which one?  :=) 

Then Jenna got in on the act!  Uh.....Not!  A little bit too much hair, honey!  LOL!

I just don't think I look good in lighter hair.

Jenna decided I needed to try something LONGER!  NOT!  There's a reason I should not have long hair!  LOL!  As a teenager it was great, but after a certain age....short hair is my friend!  :=)

So, we switched....ick...that's even worse!  LOL!  But, I "humored" her!  Of course she looked beautiful!

While we were there, Loretta "Jen" walked in!  :=) (You know, Loretta and Crystal's younger sister)  Isn't she so pretty! 

Always a celebrity hound, Jenna just had to get her pic with Loretta "Jen".....with attitude! 

Er-Bear, I love you dear....but this is not a good look for you!  :=)


While I liked some of the others from the front angle, I didn't like them from the side or back.  And with summer coming on (it IS going to get warmer, isn't it???), I wanted something short and off my neck.   And, like my own hair, something easy!  She showed me how headbands and scarves would look and I'm a headband/scarf kinda gal.  Everyone agreed on this one, so this is it!  Nothing fancy, but "right" for me!  :=)  And look....no gray bangs!!!! 

It was a fun day and now I'm ready for "that day"!
Thanks Jen, Erin, and Jenna for going with me and making it a special day with "my girls"!   You are helping to make an emotional time better.  I love you all!  Mom/Mamaw

Until next time...I hope you enjoyed our little "Wig Wam trip" and had a few laughs along the way.  Laughter is good for the soul!  Cindy

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  1. What an adventure! And a tough decision. I like the one you picked, but I have to say the first one was my favorite. It looked "wispy" and more natural to me, but I didn't see the side view or back. Hopefully you won't have to wear it really soon or for very long. I'd be in trouble cause my skin is so sensitive I wouldn't be able to stand a wig. I'd have to wear scarves or just go bald. That would work OK since Joe is bald, too! Love ya, girl!! Keep on keeping on!! ♥

  2. Yeah, I liked that first one too. My sister said the same thing about the wispiness of it. But, I really didn't like it from the sideview, so that was a deciding factor. And honestly, the one I chose is more like my own hair....no wispiness to be seen...lol! Actually I'm not sure how much I'll wear it. Depends on the heat this summer. I got some turbins too, so I'll model them later. They'll probably be cooler! :=) Thanks for all of your encouragement Brenda.