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Friday, April 22, 2011

FIRST CHEMO DONE.....and pics of my "support group" during surgery....

Well, today was my first Chemo....I got Dr. Vanketesh (my chemo oncologist) to pose with me when he came in to talk with me.  He is such a personable, compassionate doctor and I'm so glad to have him on my "team".  And here are the two nurses that worked with me today...another "part of my team".  Everyone was just so wonderful!

The chemo was put through my port and I really didn't feel a thing...the port is in my chest, right under the skin....you can see where the gauze bandage is...that's the incision they made for the port...I also have in incision in my neck and they inserted the tubing down through it.  I am getting 4 rounds of Adriamycin and Cytoxan.  My first round was today and I'll go every 3 weeks for the next round for a total of 4.  So, I'll be done with my chemo (if all goes well) by the end of June.  But, I'll only actually be getting it 4 times!  Doesn't sound like much, does it?  But, I totally trust they know what they're doing.

I am feeling no affects of the chemo...yet!  I understand that it may not give me any affects for a few days, as they also gave me anti-nausea medicine intravenuously today and I think they said it would carry me through a couple of days.  So, something might hit me in a fews days, but I'm not planning to get sick.  LOL!  But, if I do, they have also sent me home with anti-nausea pills to take.  So, I'm covered.  I will tell you this....even from watching my dad and sister do chemo....it's not the same as yesteryears.  I think people have such a fear of chemo, thinking you'll start puking your guts out immediately and the whole time....but it's not like that anymore.  So, if you ever find yourself in my place, please don't panic.  Panic will only stress you out and believe me, they've come a long way!

I hope not to get sick, but I do expect to lose my hair and be tired.  I can handle that.  My girls want to take me shopping next week to get a wig, so we'll make it a fun day!  I doubt that I'll wear it every day, but it will be nice to have it available.  I could actually be a doo-rag type of gal!  But, I'm looking forward to going and trying wigs on and my insurance will pay for it.....so why not!  Hmmm...now's my chance to change my looks...LOL!  I hear blondes have more fun...is that true?  :=)

My good buddy, Linda Morrow, took me to chemo today (I didn't think it was necessary for the others to take off work today when they took off yesterday for the surgery). We went at 10 and I was told to allow 4-5 hours...but we were out of there in just 3.5 hours, so not too bad.  And only 35 minutes of that was the actual chemo.  Oh, and I got a private room.  I thought it was because it was my first day and she told me that I would more than likely always have a private room because I'm actually a patient of his and he will always come in and see me, so I wouldn't be put out in the main chemo room where others are.  She said many people come for their chemo from other doctors.  So, it actually was kind of nice having my own private area, complete with a tv!  :=)  And warm blankets and drinks and crackers were offered the whole time.

After Linda and I left, we went over to the Pie Company and had lunch (our first time to try it....it was nice), then we went for a fast trip to The Flower Factory and Christmas Tree Shop (our favorite stores up there!)...then we drove home (actually Linda drove) in torrential rain almost all the way home.

Day 1...good!  We'll see what tomorrow brings!  I have a 31 party tomorrow night and am still planning/hoping to do it.  My only problem is that I can't lift anything (10 lbs.) and while the bags aren't heavy, they probably weigh that much by the time I pile bunches into one bag.  So, I need someone to load me up...and unload me on the other end and load me back up again.  I think I'll call the hostess in the morning and she if she'd help me out on her end and Larry can load me up here.  That would work!

Ok, yesterday I promised to show you my "support group" during my surgery, right?

B/P  118/70    Temp: 99.3   Weight:  Let's not go there!  :=)
Linda went with me.


This is my husband, Larry, and my 2 daughters.  Erin on the left is 32 and Jennifer on the right is 37.  They look nice enough, don't they?  Dont' be fooled...they're very mischievious!

This was taken right after I came out of surgery and I'm still "drugged up"....just coming off of the anesthesia.
Oh yes, aren't they such a sweet "support group"!  My sister, Kim (on the left) joined in on their little fun...I think she may have even started it!  Look what they did to me while I was all drugged up!  They even told me to smile and I did!  I was so drugged up I had no idea they even played with my hair until I saw the picture!  I guess I should have known better than handing them a camera and telling them to document my surgery time.  LOL!   They always think it's so funny when I'm coming out of anesthesia....the slurred speech, the opening and closing of my eyes, and the silly things I might say.  LOL~!

All I can say to this picture and the beautiful hair style they gave me is.....it's a darned good think I'm good-natured and have a sense of humor!  But I am thinking of trading them in for a "new support group".  Any volunteers?

I had a problem with my socks not wanting to stay on my feet, so they snapped this pic...then Erin fixed the socks for me.  LOL...I thought it was a cute pic!

And this was my nurse that took care of me before and after surgery.  She was a sweetheart.  Actually everyone was!

And Pastor Lepley (if I haven't spelled his name right, I'm sure Jen will tell me) came to visit me.  This was after surgery and I think I was wrapped in plastic...LOL!  Actually I think the plastic was over me....they must have put it over me in the operating room to keep me warm.  Those rooms are freezing!

So far....things are good!
Until next time...please keep praying!  I sooo appreciate it and definately feel your prayers are helping me get through this!
Thanks so much for caring!  Cindy

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  1. Terri wrote: "I tried posting a comment on your blog but it disappeared. :-( I love the pics of your hair style and the "sock puppet" feet (that's what it reminded me off)! Stay happy! :-)"