But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Monday, December 26, 2011


Yesterday, Christmas evening, our grown children and their families came to celebrate Christmas with us.  We usually get together on Christmas Eve evening, but this year Christmas evening worked better with Erin's work schedule.  I'm just happy they live closeby and we can get together like this every year....whichever day works out works for me!

As the day began, I had so much to do.  I hadn't wrapped one present yet...yikes!  How did that happen???  We hadn't even decorated the Christmas tree...we just barely got it set up and only had lights on it because it was pre-lit.  And half of them were burned out...arghhh!  I had to cook, wrap, clean...all before 5 pm!
In my defense, I had two surgeries in December....and lots of lunch dates....lol!

As I prepared for our family celebration, my thoughts went to my mom and dad and celebrations past.  I miss them both so much and things are so different since they passed.  We used to have HUGE family celebrations on Christmas Eve at their home.  With us six kids and our chidren, the house was full of people and presents and food!  It's good memories and I actually have a video or two of those celebrations that brings back so many warm memories.  And oh my, what fun to see the hair-dos and clothes and how young we looked!

I got the ham in the crock pot (it turned out yummy!) and then turned to wrapping.  Some wrapping was easy, like these great IU bags for the adult IU fans!  They had Bath and Body Works in them!

I also still needed to print out a photo to put in these Scentsy Burners we got for the girls...got them done...whew!  And more wrapping and cleaning and cooking....and...I MADE IT!!!!  It wasn't perfect, but I didn't stress out and really enjoyed my evening with my family.

Here we all are!!!! 
 I had no idea my camera (that Jen gave me) has a 10 second timer on it.  Since Jen used to use it, she knew all about it!  Wow, I think of all of those times when I could have used this feature!  So, we were all laughing, watching Jen run to get in place and throw Luke on her lap after she got the timer set....PLUS just right before the camera snapped the picture, some un-named son-in-law set off a remote fart machine!!!   This is as good as it gets....lol!  Someday maybe I can talk them into going to a photographer for a REAL GOOD Family photo...maybe I can talk them into it next year.  I would love that!  As it is, though, this is probably the first time we got a photo with all of us, so I'm happy!  What's up with my jean's legs?  lol!

What did you get for Christmas?  I got the one thing I asked for...I must have been a "good girl" this year!

I sooooo had been drooling over this since they came out in November...actually before they came out!  I told them all I'd be so happy if they pooled together and got me this one gift.  They listened....I'm a happy camper!  :=)

Yes!!!!  I love it and now have to figure it out.  So, if you have one and have any advice or suggestions for must-have apps or books or whatever, let me know!   I love these electronic gadgets, so I'm having fun playing with it and figuring out what all it does!  I already found a bunch of free Christian Fiction books to download...plus some Gooseberry Patch cookbooks (oh yeah!).  Next I want to check into listening to the internet radio stations....and maybe a movie!  Anyone know how to watch a movie on the tv????

And even though I got this one special gift I asked for...I STILL got my traditonal gift from my girls.....yay!!!!!!

And, my girls are very competitive and always trying to out-do each other.  For example, they play a game on our birthdays to be the FIRST to wish us a Happy Birthday.  At Christmas, they try to outdo each other on the Cherries they give me.  Erin won last year when she found a great big box of cherries (I think it had 4 regular sized boxes in it)!  This year she must not have been able to find it, so she taped two reguar boxes together.  But, Jen won!  Look at that BIG BOX of 72-count individually wrapped chocolate covered cherries!  Jen's hubby, Joe, managed to find those for her (me).....they are actually to be sold individually in a store.  In the end, I think I am the one who wins in this competition.  lol!

I loved the smiles when they opened the blankets I made them!

I actually think Abby was a little more excited....I think it was the peace signs that made her smile so big!  :=)

Jen playing with one of the games one of the kids got....
LOL...she might "kill" me for posting this one!

The kids are growing up in an electronics world!  When I think back to the old style turn-table record player I got for Christmas to play my 33's and 45's on....I am just amazed at what the kids have available to them today!  I like these new-fangled toys too!!!  :=)

We always end our evening with a birthday cake for Jesus and sing Happy Birthday to Him.  It's a great visual to keep the kids focused on what we are actually celebrating and we've done it since they were babies.  This year Jesus got cupcakes!  :=)

And the kids get to blow out His candles for Him.  I am so glad that Jenna, at the age of 13, still participates in this.  She thinks she's "too old" for many things, so it warms my heart to see her joining in with this!

And that, my friends, was my Christmas!  It was great and today I'm having a "lazy day"! 

Until next time....enjoy the time you spend with your family!

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