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Monday, December 5, 2011


Well, there's a new idea for ya....drop and fluff!  Who would have guessed that my breasts will still need to "drop and fluff".  lol! 

Now, my Plastic Surgeon hasn't mentioned anything to me about "drop and fluff", but I had heard it mentioned by other women who had reconstruction done.  I don't totally understand it, so I've been visiting my friend "google" tonight...lol!  I've been looking at nudie pictures of women who had this done and so many of them look like big round balls...not natural looking to me.  Maybe I just forget what mine looked like before they went south.  I could find before and after pics, but could not find some from the day of the "exchange surgery" to the "big drop and fluff"!  I guess I'll be taking my own pictures to help someone else out in the future!  I'm a visual kinda gal!

I have to admit, I'm not totally pleased with my new ta-tas yet.  I don't feel horrible about them, but one seems to be larger than the other (and higher).  I think part of that problem is swelling where the port was....that is right above the implant.  So, hopefully as the swelling goes down it will take care of itself.  And there's too much loose skin.  And they actually aren't as soft as I expected.  Now, that being said, I'm trying not to spaz out about it and they are definately better than those old hard expanders.  But, I do still feel quite a bit of tightness.

As I've been reading tonight, I am feeling better about them.  I think I'm understanding the "drop and fluff" better now.  From what I'm reading, the muscle that the implants are placed behind will become more relaxed and then the implants will drop down into the "pocket" and have a more natural droop.  Not the kind of droop I had before though...lol!  Believe me, that's a good thing!  They look fine in my clothes, but not much different than my expanders looked in the nude. 

One site I found explained it in simple terms for me that made sense.  I need things to be put into simple terms for me! 

OK...imagine buying a pillow that is encased in one of those shrink wrapped packages that has all the air sucked out of it so that it is a small package. Imagine what happens if you take a needle and put a small hole in the packaging. Does the pillow all of a sudden pop up to full size immediately? No...it gradually fills up and after a time it fluffs out to the full pillow size it really is. The compression of the packaging held it all in until it was stretched more.
That is what the fluffing is all about.....your implants are compressed like the pillow UNDER your muscle....the muscle has to stretch to allow the implant to FLUFF out....depending on your muscle tightness, etc depends on how long it will take you to fluff and drop.

So, after my research tonight, I am not so worried about it and know that this is natural.  I guess I just have to wait for my ta-tas to take "shape"!  They aren't BAD, but not what I had hoped for.  They also are not as soft as I was expecting, but I think that will come with the "fluff"...lol!  I also think they will be bigger with the dropping and fluffing.  This stuff sure is fascinating to me!

I go back for a follow up appointment with Dr. Jackson this Thursday and boy do I have a lot of questions for him!  :=)  I can't wait to see what he has to say about this "drop and fluff" stuff and the extra skin.  Maybe as it drops and fluffs it fills up that extra skin.  I know he's a real good surgeon who cares about how it will look, so I'm not really worried....just curious about things.  Oh yeah, I've also read about massaging them and even watched a video.  In that video they were moving those suckers from left to right and up and down!  Mine won't even move...lol....I think that muscle is good and tight over them!

Until next time....enjoy your preparations for Christmas but try not to stress.  Simpify things this year if you need to, so you're not overworked and just plain too tired to enjoy the holidays!

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