But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Friday, December 23, 2011


This should be my LAST surgery!!!  Yay!!!! 
I had to arrive at the Schneck Memorial Hospital at 10 am yesterday for my 11 am surgery....here I am waiting in anticipation of getting my beautiful gown!  My photographer, Sheila, was with me.  :=) This wasn't a BIG surgery, so I didn't think it was one Larry needed to take off work for.

Oh yay!  I got my lovely gown!!! lol!

And here I am coming back to my room after the surgery!  All done!!!  I actually walked into the operating room.......first time for that...and walked back!  I knew I was getting a "local" for this surgery instead of a "general", which in my mind meant I would be in a "lighter sleep" (like during my colonoscopy) rather than the "deep sleep".  When I was taken to a room when I arrived and it only had a chair instead of my normal bed.....I knew things weren't the same and learned that I wasn't going to be put to sleep at all and would just walk into the operating room!  Now, that was a first for me and quite interesting!  I got to see everything they do after they put me to sleep......the paper blanket things they lay over me, strapping my arms and legs down, the "tent" they put over my face.....and hearing the chitter chatter between the doctor and nurse....lol!  I even chit chatted as they did the procedure....lol!  The "local" part was shots of numbing medicine around the area they would be working on and I didn't even feel that because I'm still already numb from the masectomy.  As Dr. Jackson said..."in this case it's good to still be numb"....oh yes!  It was a pretty simple procedure that took maybe an hour.  And now I have nipples....Dr. Jackson said it would be the most unique Christmas present I'll ever get...lol! 

I went back into one of those lovely surgical bras that actually are very comfortable! I will stay in it and bandaged up for 48 hours and then I can unwrap myself and take a look and have to dab peroxide on it and an ointment.  I actually felt the soreness by last night, which I wasn't expecting.  I figured since I stay numb in that area that I wouldn't be sore....wrong!  It doesn't hurt a bit to touch it...but when I move my arm it stretches the area and hurts.  But,nothing I can't deal with!   So, I should have all of my surgeries done now and the next and last thing will be the tattooing in 3 months (unless he sees some revisions like fat grafting that he needs to make on my next visit). I'm feeling really good about all of it now and am glad I did this!

And as always, after we got done with all of this, Sheila and I were hungry, so we went to Pizza Hut to see our favorite server there!
Randi is the best and takes good care of us every time we eat there!

Last night my granddaughter, Jenna, spent the night and she helped me do another blanket.  This one is for my granddaughter, Abby, who loves peace signs (she's 8).  Jenna is really FAST tying, which was awesome! She's with me today and I'm going to get her to help me with another one. I've got 3 more to get done before Christmas...yikes!!!!

This one is for Abby.

And this one is Luke's...I did it by myself one night. Luke plays soccer and his favorite color is green!  He's only 4, so I made his a big smaller.

These are very relaxing to make while watching tv and make great gifts! I don't know why I didn't jump on this bandwagon years ago when they first came on the scene.  They are very easy...and very warm!  If you want to know how to do them, just let me know!

Until next time.....only one more shopping day left after today...I hope you're about done and can relax and enjoy getting ready for your family on Christmas Day.  I still need to go out today and get a couple more gifts and groceries and deliver a couple of things.  Enjoy your last minute preparations and try not to get too stressed! 

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