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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today was my day to spread the Christmas Cheer!  I received such good and compassionate care this year from my doctors and nurses and wanted to remember them at Christmas and let them know how much they were appreciated.  So, last night I made up some pans of Apple Dumplings to take to them....thought that would be something different than candy and cookies and they might enjoy them.

Hey, check out my Skinny Jeans!  I just love the sounds of that...skinny jeans, skinny jeans, skinny jeans.  lol! 
I even dressed up like Mrs. Claus for them...lol!  They seemed to enjoy that and it was fun!
First I stopped at the Community South Hospital and delivered a pan to the nursing staff there.
    Sheila was with me and we really enjoyed spreading the cheer.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy our unexpected visit...and we enjoyed it as much as them!  They were so appreciative and we left there with our hearts full, knowing we had brought some cheer into a normal day at work. 

Next we headed to Dr. Venkatesh's Office.  I was hoping he would be "in" and he was!  My sister told Kim, one of the office staff gals, that he would be surprised when he came out and saw me and Kim said, "Ummm, with her...I don't think so!"  lol!  They've learned to expect the unexpected with me!

 Dr. Venkatesh (oncologist) walked out and had a big smile on his face when he saw me and I got him out there for a picture!  The whole office staff was "into" this and made it fun!  As busy as he is, he took time to accept my gift and get the picture...that's what I love about him..he's so personable!  Plus, knowledgable about treating cancer with chemo!  I feel like I owe my doctors so much!  They were such a big part of this year in my life and were so positive and encouraging.  So was their staff!  You just can't imagine how much that helps!

Next, we headed to Dr. Zusan's office (my surgeon).  She was busy with a patient, so two of her wonderful office staff gals came out to receive my gift.

Whew, all of that delivering made us hungry...so we headed over to our favorite restaurant...Olive Garden!  The fun continued there!

Sheila was trying to get a picture of me by their Christmas Tree and then I was going to get a picture of her and look who just popped into my picture out of nowhere.  lol!  We loved it!  We've been there so much this year with all of the doctor trips when we had to eat afterwards (lol), that the staff there is even getting to know us.  This is Ricky...I didn't know his name until today.  It seems everywhere we go we make new friends!  :=)

Then Ricky took a pic of me and Sheila!  Then we saw our server and waved him over and he got in on the act.
I'm not sure what his name was...darn it, I forget!  Such a nice picture, right?  The thing is...Ricky took the picture and unexpectedly, he kept snapping...
...and kept snapping.....
.....until we all just got real tickled not knowing whether to stay posed or just walk away.  lol!  What a stinker!

Then we spotted Max!  Max had been our waiter this summer when we went to eat after one of my chemo sessions and he was such a sweet gentleman.  He even asked if he could pray for us and it was so special.  We hadn't seen him since then and we wanted to let him know we were doing well.  The first thing he commented on was my hair...lol....he met me when I was bald.  He calls us his "cancer survivors".

Sheila and I just seem to have a good time whereever we go and have made so many new friends this year! 

We also went for a bra fitting today, where our new friend, Barb, fitted both of us.  Sheila got to take away 4 new bras....allowed by her insurance company and she needed to get them before the end of the year!  I'm really glad she found out before it was too late!  I already got my allotment for the year last week, but tried a few new ones on to get next year. 

Barb is just so sweet and helpful and really knows her stuff!  I had never really been "fitted" for a bra before and must admit, it was nice.  She made both me and Sheila feel very feminine and I have to tell you that is important after a masectomy.  I was used to just going to Wal Mart and getting my Playtex "boulder holders"....lol....so it was such fun to try on some more girly bras!  I debated on showing you one of them....don't want to show inappropriate photos.  But, feel that if you are reading my blog, you are interested in seeing what can be done after a masectomy.  It's just amazing to me the options we women have nowadays that I'm sure they didn't have in yesteryears.  So, since my blog is about BREAST cancer, I decided it is appropriate to show you how I'm looking with my reconstructed breasts and in reality, it's no more than seeing someone in a swimsuit.  So, here it is!  I hope this doesn't offend anyone.
Did you notice I punked up my hair today?  I need to get a picture of the back,
as I actually do have some waves back there!

Isn't it amazing what they have done?  I'm still in awe and feel so thankful.  My right side is still higher than the left, but it continues to change every day and is dropping down to being even with it.  It's looking better and more natural every day.  I'm much smaller than I was to begin with....and I like that!  I'm actually a B/C cup now...wow!  I could have never even imagined wearing a fun bra before!  And every bra she tried on me was very comfortable!  I am just so pleased!  I do still have a scar and dark place on my right side where the port was put in.  Tomorrow I will be getting the nipples.  And I will see him again in January to see if any adjustments need to be made.  I'm almost to the end of the road!  Yay!!!!

Do you remember the pillows that my cancer sister, Carin, had delivered to me at the hospital at the time of my masectomy?

I absolutely loved these pillows and depended on them for a long, long time under my arms!  You cannot believe the comfort they can bring a masectomy patient!  And I vowed that once I got to feeling better that I wanted to begin making pillows for other masectomy patients.  So, I made my first set for a gal who just had her masectomy this week!  I know she will find them as comforting as I did mine!

Showing both the front and the back.
When I was looking at fleece for my no-sew fringed blankets, I grabbed some for the pillows too and thought the pink ribbon fleece was so perfect.  I paired it with the pink camouflage to represent the "fighting breast cancer"....I thought it was a perfect combination.  They were really easy...once I got my sewing machine to cooperate.  I am so NOT a seamstress, but can manage simple things.  I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

You just tuck them under your arms for cushioning.  I slept with my pillows under my arms for months. 
When they are no longer needed under the arms, they also make great neck pillows or just look pretty on your bed.
If you know someone who is facing a masectomy or if you are facing one yourself, and would like pillows, please let me know.  I want to help other women through this journey wherever I can. 

Until next time....every time you walk out that door, watch for opportunities to have some fun!  Fun can be simple and inexpensive...even free!  Just be open to it!  :=)  Watch for ways you can bring joy into someone else's day and it will bring joy right back into your own!

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