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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Today my sister, Sheila, came over and brought me breakfast.  Then after we ate, I did the unveiling....
I was instructed that I could not remove all of this gauze for 24 hours....so, I couldn't actually look at the "masterpieces" until 10:30 this morning.  Sheila was here for the unveiling with me...lol!  She actually saw "them" before me, as I took the surgical bra off and removed the gauze in front of her...but had to go to the bathroom to see myself in the mirror.  Her first words were...."Oh, Cindy, they look good"!  Music to my ears!  :=) 

She was actually talking today about doing it too....so far she had said she probaby wouldn't, but I think she's been watching me and wanted to see them "finished".  I told her she was lucky to be able to follow the progress of someone doing it and see them every step of the way....she's been my nudie photographer.  It has given her the opportunity to see exactly what takes place!  Of course she had to take new pics today!  :=)  But, I can only show you the "clothed" shots.

My hair was a mess.....yay, it's getting long enough to be a mess!  And no make-up.  But, look at those ta-tas!!!!!!

Oh, and by the way....no bra!!!!  Look at them stand right up there....lol!

Now, on my right side, there is some major swelling going on where the port was, so it makes that side look higher and larger.  I think once that swelling goes down, they will look sized better with each other.  Actually there is some overall swelling that needs to go down.  As that happens, I think they will shape up even better! 

And, there is some loose skin in a few places...particularly on my left side.  I kinda have a small "dog ear" there.  He had previously told me he'd take care of it and I think he still will.  I go get my nipples on Dec. 22 and they are made from skin....so I'm thinking he may have left that skin there to use for the nipples.  So, I do think I'll still have some "revisions".  And once the nipples are made and the areolas tattooed on.....they will really come together to look like boobs.  Have you ever seen a boob with no nipple or areola?  Yeah, you need those to make it look more like a real boob...and that will happen! 

So, all in all I am pleased, but do think some revisions will need to be made yet....I think that's pretty typical.  And omigosh, they feel sooooo much better than those hard expanders and have a much better shape.  I have actually "heard" that they will change as the swelling goes down and time goes on.  I go back to him next Thursday, so I'll have a ton of questions.  lol!  I'm glad he never minds my questions....as a matter of fact, he smiles and encourages them.  He's such a sweetie.  I have encouraged Sheila to go with me for my appointment next week and I think she wants to.  She's really giving it some thought to do this herself!  Good for her!

My incisions look good and are not very long.  They don't even hurt.  The only thing that hurts is the area where he removed the port.  That hurt really badly last night....but the pain pills help.  I lost track of time and was a little late with them.  I don't want to do that again! 

Today, I got sick....I didn't see that coming!  Sheila was here and I was sitting up with her.  I had pretty much just laid around after I got home.  Suddenly I got real hot and weak and my stomach got real queasy....I thought I was going to throw up (I didn't).  I crawled up in bed and laid down for a bit....got better.  I was so dissappointed though, as I was suppose to go to a "tea party" with my granddaughter, Abby, but had to miss it.  Then tonight my family went out to eat for Larry's birthday and I had to opt out....I was just feeling too sick to my stomach.  I'm not too worried about it, but I just wasn't expecting it.  I came home feeling great and all energetic!  But, both of the pills he prescribed me have "flushing and nausea" as side affects.  So, I am thinking the medicine has brought this on.  Last night I was itchy....not major....but an itch itch here and an itch itch there...everywhere an itch itch....lol!  I've never been allergic to any medicines, so hope I'm not going to have that problem.  Maybe it was caused by the anesthetic, which I think has left my body now....not so itchy today.

So, that's it guys....I did it!!!!!  I'll be eager for any swelling to go down so I can see the real shape of them and I'll be eager to go to him next week and see what further plans he has for me.  I am so thankful for what they can do nowadays!  I didn't think I cared whether I did this or not, but I can honestly say I'm thankful I went for it!  I think stuffing a prothesis in a bra every day would get "old".  And a bonus.....I wouldn't necessarily have to wear a bra if I have a top that might show the strap!  My sister, Kim, stopped by to check me out (lol) and she even said..."hey, you could wear a halter top again"!  lol, not sure I'll be doing that....but it's nice to know I could if I wanted to.  :=)  For now the gauze is gone, but I have to continue wearing the surgical bra....not sure how long, but I figure at least until I see him next week.  They feel so much more natural instead of feeling like a foreign object inside of me.  Much more comfortable to sleep!  They are now a part of my body!!!  :=)

You guys are the best!  You have walked this road with me and have been such an encouragement and I'll never forgot all of the support I have had.  One day this week I plan to make an entry of what NOT to say to a cancer patient....and what TO SAY!  I have learned through this that people really don't know how to react when they learn someone they know is diagnosed.  Now that I've been through it, I can give you all some insight of the kind of support a cancer patient needs.  Another day.....

Until next time......be thankful for our medical miracles of the day!  I yearn for the day when cancer is cured, but am thankful for the strides that have been made!  We are so fortunate to be living in the days we do!  :=)

OOPs, I forgot to tell you about the haircut!  While Sheila was here, she took Larry's razor and trimmed the hair at the back of my neck.  You know how your neck gets all of this fuzzy hair on it and all.  Well, she shaved that off and evened up the back of my hair at my neck.  Looks much better!  My hair seems to be at a stage now where it's really beginning to grow a lot faster.  Sheila even said it had some wave to it where she was shaving it.....interesting...

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