But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Whoohoo....look at me go!  I was going so fast it blurred the photo!
Ok, well, I have to confess....that's not quite true.  I wasn't moving at all....I was just posing. lol! It was my photographer who moved....ugh....my dear poor husband just cannot hold still when taking a photo!

There, he did it! But, but, but....where's my feet to show how hard they are working?  He hates being my photographer and I hate him being my photographer...but, he's all I had available tonight! lol!  I don't think I'm being unreasonable wanting a non-blurry pic.  Plus, I set the camera up exactly for him...all he had to do was stand in the spot I showed him and snap the picture.  What did he do??  He zoomed in...ugh....lol!  Oh well, you get the idea!  I finally got my treadmill dug out and walked my first half mile tonight...yep, a half mile..lol!  Hey, I'm starting out slow and I am only a week and two days out of surgery and the surgeon told me I could do the treadmill, but not to bounce.  I got the treadmill right before I got sick and had worked up to a mile each day....I'll build up to it.  I get bored on it for some reason, even when I'm watching tv at the same time.  My daughter, Jen (the All Star Runner and Cross Country coach) tells me I'm making excuses...lol!  She's probably right.  But, at least I'm starting my exercise and will be burning some calories off.  I want to keep this weight off and even lose more (in the tummy!).  I've been laying around way too much!!

Chemo....the gift that keeps on giving!
Ewwwww....yeah, it's kinda gross, isn't it?  I knew that chemo could make your nails come off....but my last chemo was back on June 22...months ago!  So, I thought I had escaped that side affect!  I had noticed my nice, hard, long fingernails have turned soft on me and break easily.  :=(  I wouldn't even say they break.....it's like they tear like a piece of paper.  Then last night my toenail caught on something and bent back half way down.  I was like..wowser, this is going to hurt to pull off....what do I do?  I knew I couldn't just leave it to catch on everything and torture me.  Then to my surprise, as I was trying to figure out how to remove it, expecting pain and blood....I realized it wasn't even attached to the skin underneath.  All I needed to do was bend it back and forth to break it free from the bottom nail it was hanging on to.  No pain...no blood!  I guess it was already coming off and I figure it was due to the chemo.  That chemo is full of surprises!  I'm not real sure how long it stays in your body, but I guess I can see it as a good thing...still in there to kill any rogue microscopic cancer cell that may have escaped.  So, I can pay the price of a toenail or two for that extra insurance!


I received this surprise from a good friend, Angie from Ohio, yesterday in the mail..for Christmas!  I wasn't even expecting a package from her, so I couldn't imagine what she was sending me.  It made my day....like anyone else, I love surprises!  :=)  Angie, herself, went thru breast cancer and remains cancer free today...five years later....yay Angie!  Praise God!

Isn't it beautiful!
I just love it Angie and have it right by my bed to read every day!  I had never even seen one like this!  It has such a soft cover to it!  Of course I have several Bibles, but I will especially treasure this one and think of you when I see it.   It's such a special gift, my friend....thank you so much!

Do you remember my special shoes I bought at the Foot Doctor's?

I love these shoes....they are so comfortable!  They get noticed a lot too and can lead to an "open door".  Last night they were noticed by this sweet, young gal.  When she commented on them, I had a "feeling" she must know someone who has or is battling breast cancer.  Sure enough....her mother was just diagnosed!  Sheila was with me and we talked to her and exchanged our phone number so her mother could give us a call.  I call these kind of meetings a "God thing" and want to remain open to His leading.  In my opinion, it was no "accident" that Sheila and I were in the Circle K at the same time as this young lady and she noticed my shoes.  I hope to hear from her mother, Lee, and be able to encourage her as she begins her journey.  Meanwhile, I will be lifting her up in prayer and ask that you all will think of her in prayer too.  Thank you!

I literally need to buy new clothing because my old clothing hangs on me.  I went from a size 20 jeans to a 16....from a size 18-20 or 1X or 2X top to a Large or 12-14 top (or 14-16, depending on how it's made).  So, little by little, I'm trying to get some clothes that fit!  Well, yesterday, Fashion Bug had everything on sale for 40% off...wow!  Plus my good friend, Martha, gave me a $10 coupon!  And I love Fashion Bug clothing!  I was able to get a few tops very cheap with some my Thirty One commission....yay!  And, I must admit, it was fun to be able to try on smaller, more stylish things.  I had gotten to where I'd just buy "big and baggie" to hide the fat.  ugh!  So, it was fun to look at things that were a little more fitted and stylish.  It will be even more fun if I could lose this tummy!  I'm working on it!

Hey, how about those Hoosiers!  No offense meant toward anyone reading from Kentucky!  But, man, that was an awesome, exciting game!  Enjoy this video!

Until next time....be blessed!

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